WWE Confirms that DISH Network Will Not Be Carrying “Elimination Chamber” on Feb. 23


In a new official statement revealed on, WWE confirms that DISH Network will not be carrying “Elimination Chamber” on Feb. 23. Following the announcement of the WWE Network, DISH Network claimed that they would not be carrying future WWE Pay-Per-View events due to the negative effect on sales projected to take place once the WWE Network is up and running.

WWE confirms that DISH Network will not be carrying Sunday’s “Elimination Chamber” PPV in the following official statement,

“WWE is pleased that the majority of our cable and satellite Pay-Per-View distributors are giving our fans an option to purchase traditional Pay-Per-Views as we prepare to launch WWE Network on Monday, February 24. Unfortunately, DISH will not be doing so. We hope DISH will reconsider for this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View event and especially for WrestleMania 30.”

The WWE Network will offer every WWE PPV event live for only $9.99 a month. As well as each monthly PPV, the WWE Network will provide a vast on-demand library for its subscribers, changing the way WWE has worked with satellite and cable providers drastically.

While DISH is the only network to announce that they will no longer be carrying WWE Pay-Per-Views, other companies are rumored to be basing their future business with WWE on how sales for “WrestleMania XXX” go. However, with one company already making a “stand” and refusing to broadcast single PPV events due to the launch of the WWE Network, others may follow.

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