WWE’s Current Plans for The Undertaker


After wrestling CM Punk in arguably one of his best WrestleMania matches, The Undertaker appeared on Raw in a stand-off against The Shield with Team Hell No. This spurned a number of different rumors and questions regarding ‘Taker, most notably, “Will The Undertaker team up with Kane and Daniel Bryan to take on The Shield at Extreme Rules?” F4Wonline.com is reporting that “the Dead Man,” even while scheduled for the WWE’s upcoming UK tour, will NOT be partnering up with Team Hell No for any kind of match.

The site is also reporting that the WWE’s current plan for The Shield is to take on Team Hell No at Extreme Rules, and eventually win the Tag Team Championship belts from Bryan and Kane. While it is still uncertain what The Undertaker’s role will be in this storyline, he is still expected to not wrestle a match again until WrestleMania XXX. This has become the new norm for the man who holds a 21-0 undefeated streak at the “showcase of the immortals,” where he may make appearances throughout the year, but only wrestles once a year for “the streak.”

Undertaker is scheduled for the April 23rd Smackdown tapings in the UK, and if the reports are true, this will be the last time we see “the Dead Man” for a while.


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