WWE Replaces CM Punk in Flintstones Movie, Distancing Company From Him

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WWE Replaces CM Punk in Flintstones Movie, Distancing Company From Him



According to PWInsider.com, WWE is officially beginning the distancing process from CM Punk and have accepted the fact that he won’t be returning to the company anytime soon.

Interestingly enough, it is said that this process begins with the upcoming WWE animated film involving “The Flintstones” cartoon, which has been slated for release in 2015. Punk was originally supposed to be one of the major characters in the film, but has reportedly been replaced by Rey Mysterio.

The report also mentions the promoted “Slam City” episodes that WWE aired videos for on “Monday Night Raw” and says Punk will be included in that. It is said that WWE attempted to not promote his portions of the videos, which have been completed for several months. For instance, Kane is portrayed as having a mask in the episodes, something hasn’t had in some time.

There is also a “Camp WWE” adult-oriented cartoon that will be hitting the network, something Punk was also expected to be a part of. However, he will be written out now that the company no longer will utilize his likeness.

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