WWE Replaces CM Punk in Flintstones Movie, Distancing Company From Him -


WWE Replaces CM Punk in Flintstones Movie, Distancing Company From Him


According to PWInsider.com, WWE is officially beginning the distancing process from CM Punk and have accepted the fact that he won’t be returning to the company anytime soon.

Interestingly enough, it is said that this process begins with the upcoming WWE animated film involving “The Flintstones” cartoon, which has been slated for release in 2015. Punk was originally supposed to be one of the major characters in the film, but has reportedly been replaced by Rey Mysterio.

The report also mentions the promoted “Slam City” episodes that WWE aired videos for on “Monday Night Raw” and says Punk will be included in that. It is said that WWE attempted to not promote his portions of the videos, which have been completed for several months. For instance, Kane is portrayed as having a mask in the episodes, something hasn’t had in some time.

There is also a “Camp WWE” adult-oriented cartoon that will be hitting the network, something Punk was also expected to be a part of. However, he will be written out now that the company no longer will utilize his likeness.

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  • verbal

    Punk is an idiot! Passing up all these great opportunities just to stick it to the boss. I can’t even try and defend his case any longer, he needs to open up already about his gripe, so these articles can finally stop.

    • ChosenOne704

      I agree, plus that’s a lot of money he turning down.

    • Sandy L

      I agree with you, but I’m not done defending him. The man needs time off to heel and get his head back into wrestling.

  • Zig2K

    This is exactly what Stone Cold was talking about an why he said when he walked out it was the biggest mistake of his life. I hope CM Punk saved his money.

    • Sandy L

      He did

  • crazyseandx

    What are we supposed to call Mysterio in the movie then? There’s no decent pun I can think of(unless Rey Mysteriock works…and it doesn’t sound right in my head). Also, imagine if when they finished the process for all future movies and events of this sort, Punk returns and then they gotta fix their sh*t all over again. I’m not saying it will happen. I’m just saying imagine if CM Punk came back just in time for contract negotiations after they finished their “removal process”.

    • Mister Rogers

      “Rey Rubblecava” Or “Mister Rock”

    • Sandy L

      I will not be seeing this movie now that Punk won’t be in it.

  • Mister Rogers

    WWE should produce Daniel Bryan Yes Ice Cream Bars

  • tnicols

    it was never about the money with CM Punk; it was about respect and reconition. and now come mid summer; cm punk can go where ever he wants to. but wwe has to pay him his money until his contract is up. CM Punk also will be the biggest free agent in history since sting and goldburg.

    • rawzon

      Free agent? Where is he going to go, TNA?

      • tnicols

        New Japan; ROH; TNA; or all 3.

    • Sandy L

      Punk’s not getting paid. You don’t work you don’t get paid.

  • michael gibbons

    hey i love cm punk he was one of my favorite wwe guys but if hes tied of it all and hes just done i get it .but him being disrespected idk we have remember its a job its a show its entertainment. if he was an actor would he turn down.ever role cuz hes not the lead . dont get me wrong i think cmpunk deserve to headline 30. more than. part timer like Battista thats for dam sure.i dont think cmpunk vs triple h would have been a slap in the face of punk i think it would have just made him bigger .triple h was schedule to lose . all that said i still hope punk comes back but at this point it nobody falt but his own if he does not return .

    • Sandy L

      I think you should proof read and spell check before you post.

  • michael gibbons

    hey sandy L I don’t. have the time to proff read i post from my phone if i was home on my computer maybe i would so if have a real comment on this topic feel free .if not in the words of Y2J. WOULD YOU PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP .

  • michael gibbons

    OH and by the way. punks getting paid hes under contract tell july that mean he gets paid tell july

  • cm punk fan turn hater

    cm punk the ufc fighter will fail flatter than that white boxer fighting mike tyson when he return after prison he lost the passion for this sport but not the money he got i guess he wanted to be bigger than wwe it didn’t happen so he left. no legacy no hall of fame best in the world at pretending to be a wwe superstar

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