WWE Posts Cryptic Tweet -


WWE Posts Cryptic Tweet


The official Twitter account of World Wrestling Entertainment has posted a cryptic message. It reads as followed:


It is unknown as to what the message is referring to at this time. Without speculation, it is worth noting that The Undertaker’s catchphrase is “Rest in Peace.”

Do you believe this is the return of Kane? A setup for a program between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker? Comment below with your thoughts!

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  • DougOMac

    Big Evil Red Devil coming back?

  • Christopher Walder

    Isn’t it obvious?


    What? It’s not?


  • victoria

    A new wreastler coming soon or someone is returning

    • RiC David

      Hedging your bets there a bit aren’t you? [read humorous]

  • Nick Wuebker

    If you look at this right it looks like the white bits if rearranged correctly would spell: Ohno.

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