WWE Network to Air Chris Benoit Footage -


WWE Network to Air Chris Benoit Footage


As we previously reported, the much-anticipated launch of the WWE Network may come in the early months of 2014, with an announcement scheduled for Jan. 8.

Along with containing a plethora of WWE pay-per-views and televised shows, WWE Network will also contain footage of Chris Benoit, according to F4WOnline.  Since Benoit’s tragic double murder-suicide, WWE has kept him off of most, if not all, of its content.

The website’s report states that WWE sent out a memo saying footage of Benoit will be allowed on WWE Network broadcasts. However, an advisory will be played before any content with Benoit.

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  • Ro

    Its about time

  • questiontime101

    I am happy that WWE is going to let Chris Benoit on to it network

  • Shaniqua Louise Ray

    They still dont know what really happen I dont think it happent that way at all.

    • Daniel Breslow

      What do you think “really” happened?

      • Shaniqua Louise Ray

        Chris was a rich guy we all know more money more problems …I would not be shock if he had a hit on him some one could have broke in and murdered his family ..so he killed himself ….the wife could had killed them the killed herself . it sp many ways it could have happen the media hype it up and blamed the the famous on to sell papers the media do these thing ,no real proof or science .

        • The truth

          Your just living in a fantasy world there. Steroids messed him up and he done something terrible – talking about hits and things is just a fan desperately tryna find a way for him not to have done it.. Come on get real

          • Shaniqua Louise Ray

            First of all I’m not a fan but I do respect the dead and do not dwel in rumors or stories deigned to make people pay money to listen or to drive traffic to their websites I care less but I do have the right to state my thoughts an some one ask me what was my thought and I stated .dont like it shout me up.

          • Shaniqua Louise Ray

            Yoy get real ok I’m shaniqau -always -real babe dont forget it you do not have to be a fan to see easily making ideas on what happen to any body in any case wetter famous rich or poor is wrong I read the papers guy the cops themselves admitted to never doing forensics work they walk in say everyone dead and Chris Hung The cops took that and said we are not investigating anyone outside the home they mad that choice with out fingerprint or science they called it a double murder -suicide before they left no investigation not research no looking upstairs to see if any one else was in the house ok I was not their so I do not know and honestly dont care but fair is fair he deserve a fair trail thats all I’m saying call me what you want ok but guess what I’m shaniqua-always-real remember the name!!!

          • Johnny Davis

            NO you are living in a fantasy making conclusions where you can’t possibly make. The only way you know for sure Benoit did this is if you have video evidence. All other evidence is REALLY WEAK.

        • Johnny Davis

          thank you, you are a woman with class and brains.

          • Shaniqua Louise Ray


  • Henry

    No one can forget what a great wrestler he was. It’s sad that wwe just brushed his whole wrestling career under the rug because the end tragedy he caused.

  • F

    His terrible end will not be what I remember when I hear and see his name. Only his amazing matches and career as a legendary wrestling world class wrestler. One of my personal favorites always. RIP

  • haha

    Who is this guy?!?!

  • hmw

    yeah thats good. i don’t care what he did. he deserve this

  • WWE 1993

    Thought I’d be the only logical, not celebrity obsessed person to comment and say he shouldn’t be glorified with his own slot. I’m pretty sure killing an innocent woman and young child outweighs putting on good wrestling matches. Obviously those happy about this can happily just overlook him being a murderer, I cannot. RIP to the wife and child.

    • Ansel Rivera

      The man had some really bad brain damage. The man had the brain an 80 year old dementia patient would have. He began his downfall after Eddie’s death. He would write crazy things I’m his diary taking about people being after him and what not. His father even claimed that Benoit would take different routes home, so the people wh followed him would get lost along the way. Who knows maybe in his mind killing himself was the only way to reunite with Eddie. Maybe he committed the double murder so his family would not get bought by the people he believed were after him. I know the man committed two murders, but he wasn’t psychologically healthy.

      • Johnny Davis

        what makes you think he really wasn’t being followed? you think people don’t make enemies in the business of pro wrestling?

    • questiontime101

      he had brain damage that way he did it and he not the only wrestler to kill someone WWE have got a wrestler on there roster who have kill someone but your ok with them being on the show so way not one of the best wrestler to ever get in the ring

  • matthew mah Lee

    It is Chris b

  • Daniel

    Never thought this would happen so soon. I wonder if its because they want to be able to show randy orton’s first world championship match and the main event of wrestlemania xx.

    Whatever the reason kudos to the wwe.

    • J-Prince96

      Randy Orton didn’t face Chris Benoit at WM XX

      • ZenObido7 .

        Chris Benoit Defeated Hbk and Triple H to win His first main championship with wwe At summer slam the same year he lost it to Randall Keith Orton in a fantastic passing of the torch moment in wwe.

        • Johnny Davis

          Yup and Benoit shook his hand after the match and was not jealous at all of who he knew would be a major star, exceeding his own fame.

  • questiontime101

    If you do not like Chris benoit for what he did when he was ill then your going to hate this http://www.examiner.com/list/7-famous-pro-wrestlers-who-committed-murder

    • Johnny Davis

      you should see the movie Tears of Gaza and see what the Israeli soldiers do to innocent children just because they fear they will grow up and join Hamas. or clips of our own military in Afghanistan and Iraq killing people just for fun. WWE is full of crap supporting war.

  • Chad

    Why is everybody pushing for Benoit to be mentioned and shown in the WWE? Sure, he might’ve been a good pro wrestler, but you guys are forgetting the fact that he fucking murdered his family and killed himself.

    • Johnny Davis

      because benoit was a huge chunk in what is called pro-wrestling and taking all his matches out would rob us all of the history of the sport… many wrestlers do really screwed up things too. matt hardy, ric flair, hulk hogan, etc.

  • Pete

    What’s the matter with you people who say “you can’t take away with what he did in wrestling?” Wrestling is entertainment with pre determined outcome. He killed people. What he did in wrestling means crap.

  • questiontime101

    Tests were conducted on Benoit’s brain by Julian Bailes, the head of neurosurgery at West Virginia University, and results showed that “Benoit’s brain was so severely damaged it resembled the brain of an 85-year-old Alzheimer’s patient.” [112] He was reported to have had an advanced form of dementia, similar to the brains of four retired NFL players who had suffered multiple concussions, sank into depression, and harmed themselves or others. Bailes and his colleagues concluded that repeated concussions can lead to dementia, which can contribute to severe behavioral problems. [113] Benoit’s father suggests that brain damage may have been the leading cause of the crime. [114] He also confirmed that his son was quietly cremated, but what was done with the ashes is not public knowledge.

  • Jeff

    I don’t think it is fair that the wwe brushed benoit under the mat. it is not proven that he actually did this horrendous act. maybe it was someone else that did this. we should look at the real evidence before we condemn this man. miss you chris .

  • Keith Hudgins

    i fully believe that Benoit was set up and if you ask Chavo Guerrero about it he will tell you that Kevin Sullivan had a hand into the murders.

  • Media=Lies

    The world is filled with sheeple who would rather throw the first stone before looking in the mirror and see who the stone should be thrown at first. In my opinion BENOIT should be used as a preventative and educational tool, kind of like DDP does with his yoga, I think THE CRIPPLER is one of the greatest ever, I also believe that he can be very helpful in educating future athletes of the strain and stress of the business, and in theory hopefully allow others to get help before it’s too late, I’m sure tall tale signs were there for Chris, but were probably ignored, this event can educate others to not ignore the signs that show something is not the way it’s suppose to be!!!!!!

  • Ragnurp

    I believe that regardless of whether he was a good wrestler or a murderer, he has spent too much time in the business to just be tossed aside, especially since WWE is including it’s old shows with the network. Imagine how confusing it’d be showing heavily edited versions of the episodes and PPV’s he is in, there would be broken storylines all over the place. so the bottom line here is that he may be an insane murderer, but he has spent too much time and has done too much in the WWE to ignore him. (Sorry for the long post)

  • LuckyCastan

    Have you hit puberty yet?

  • Johnny Davis

    you come to the conclusion that he killed his wife and kid on June 26 and then you find evidence to support it, you are not a judicial person, but a nazi

  • Johnny Davis

    you chant Daniel Bryan? Yes chants? Well did you know Daniel Bryan
    models his in ring style after Benoit? He’s not going to change his
    moves just because of what Benoit did. And if he ends up with dementia
    too, you will turn on him just as you did turn on Benoit.

  • Johnny Davis

    all newspapers are owned by “them” follow the money trail. You want to learn the truth? Find God.

  • Johnny Davis

    yup newspapers are fill of ads too, to get you to buy things you don’t need with money you don’t have

  • Johnny Davis

    you just said that to get a laugh, you are the murderer.

  • Shaniqua Louise Ray

    well my style in writing has landed me a career salary job for a hospital so I guess I win. aswell as self employee and own my on business hahaha what you do. My checks cash all the same

  • Shaniqua Louise Ray

    well my checks cash all the same

  • Shaniqua Louise Ray

    what, the ones with rumors and lies no thanks

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