WWE Memo Gives an Inside Look into Vince McMahon's Production Demands -


WWE Memo Gives an Inside Look into Vince McMahon’s Production Demands


A leaked WWE production memo from a couple of years ago has hit the web, and the Wrestling Observer has reported that it reveals the demanding side of Vince and Stephanie McMahon when it comes to WWE television. The memo also provides “do’s” and “don’ts” from WWE television director and producer Kevin Dunn.

These production notes were obviously in light of the move from TV-14 into TV-PG, as the announcers are told things like, “you cannot say choke.” Here are a few of the points made in the memo, as provided by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

* Vince McMahon no longer wants “Granddaddy of them all” using to describe WrestleMania because he feels it makes WrestleMania feel old and dated.

* Nobody can use the phrase “choke” for a submission move. Undertaker’s Hell’s Gate move was named Triangle submission hold.

* Producer Kevin Dunn stated that announcers can no longer use the phrase “title changes hands.”

* Vince banned the use of terms “five star match” and “match of the year.” As part of the memo banning those terms, Vince also wanted all announcers to “stop reading the dirt sheets” with the idea that it influences what they say.

* Stephanie McMahon sent a memo for announcers to never use the phrase “the referee didn’t see it” when a heel is doing something behind the referees back. She wrote that it makes it seem like the announcers are treating the fans like they are in grade school. Stephanie prefers “the referee’s vision was impaired” or “the referee’s vision was blocked.” Also, never use the word “hatred” or “hate” when describing a feud and the announcers should never say a talent doesn’t care about winning a match.

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  • Angel Hernandez

    Oh whats that? Your product needs a little more watering? Here’s a gallon!

  • Jeff Alexander

    Hope that 20 Million in Sponsership Revinue is worth the 30 million WWE is gonna lose in the long run when all the fans get bored and Leave..

  • Ken Kuhlman

    Wrestling may never survive the PG era crap It gets worse every week

  • Jonathan Greg Ward

    And this is why the PG era is crap.

  • Glen Cosby

    They might as well send a memo saying, “Take all the passion of out WWE.”

  • cricket

    All I can say is “UNBELIEVABLE!”. The Undertaker was booked as from Hell. Now his submission moves have to be obliterated just because of a PG audience. I thought they moved the rating up top “T”. It use to be that wrestling was a contact sport. The fans and the wrestlers expected to come and see that sort of competition. Everyone knew injuries were a possibility. Now they come to see mundane programing and the ratings are going up? Unbelievable!

  • adztheman

    Some of this really is not all that unreasonable..”Granddaddy of them all” is associated with the Rose Bowl..that may be a registered trademark..
    The rest of it sounds rather like nitpicking…but when you’re in a PG world, and you’re making money with advertisers you would have never seen, then this is what results..

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