WWE Creative Under Impression CM Punk Left WWE Due to Concussion


PWInsider recently published a report stating that WWE creative was told that CM Punk left WWE due to a concussion, rather than being fed up with the company. The website reports that Punk did indeed pass an ImPACT on the day of his departure. However, Punk was heavily banged up from the 30-man Royal Rumble match, which saw him last over over 49 minutes, the most by any superstar.

During a recent WWE creative meeting over the weekend, WWE creative team members were told that Punk went home because “he got his bell rung,” presumably in the Royal Rumble match. Now, within WWE, the belief that Punk walked out due to his injury, rather than compensation, status, his presumed WrestleMania match Triple H, and all the other rumors that have surfaced, is present. It’s possible that the belief has been passed down by Triple H or Vince McMahon, according to PWInsider.

Additionally, the website states that many people within WWE are in the dark regarding any kind of talks occurring between Punk and McMahon. Although, the feeling is that McMahon is under the impression that Punk left WWE due to his injury. will keep you up-to-date regarding the situation between CM Punk and WWE.

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  • Jeven W.

    Callin bullshit on this RT #WWE Creative Under Impression CM Punk Left #WWE Due to Concussion –

  • JC

    “ will keep you up-to-date regarding the situation between CM Punk and WWE.”

    hahaha how ironical. The name of d site is wrestlingrumours and will give real updates on d situation

    • Poodajaja


      Learn standard english, idiot.

      • Matt Varn

        Get a life we all know what he meant.

        • Poodajaja

          Is it really that much effort to type two extra letters?

      • Anthony

        What are u the grammar nazi?

  • Mic Wazowski

    How dumb do they think we are? Cm punk refused a storyline injury BECAUSE he wasn’t injured he walked out because wwe is on some bullshit point blank

  • Matt Varn

    Bs, punk was heard saying before he left “I passed all your f***ing test”.

  • crazyseandx


    *sigh* seriously, they expect us to believe this “assumption”? This isn’t the 1980s where people thought wrestling was as legit as tv made it out to be. THIS IS 20-F*CKING-14!!!!!!

  • broadwaynight

    Punk’s name wasn’t mentioned by any of the broadcast team on Monday night, even though the crowd chanted his name, not even an acknowledgment. That doesn’t sound like he’s hurt but more like he’s not happy about something.

  • True Patriot

    Shows you the shitty state of WWE creative…Even their lies are sub-par.

  • max

    CM PUNK should not have to wrestle HHH agin, DAMN!!!! H e should stay gone.

  • Matthew Maida

    so …. he went home because of a concussion or he quit the company completely because a concussion…. who knew Dolph Ziggler was tougher eh

  • Reese Copeland

    The way these part timers are getting a push the
    WWE is now the new WCW

  • bummed1

    Glad to think of it that way, I would hope Punk didnt work his way up the ladder to one of the best in WWE just to throw it all away.

  • niko68

    BS! BS! and more BS! So, we are to believe this after his Twitter account stated “Thanks for the support” and the fact that the WWE pulled CM PUNK signs from the NXT taping last week and pulled some more this past Monday……sounds like some major back peddling is being done. I don’t believe 1 ounce of this BS! #wewantpunk

  • Joseph D Graves

    They cannot be that stupid. If they truly thought that he is out with a concussion then why haven’t they mentioned him yet? Why do they take CM Punk signs away from fans?

  • Ken Kuhlman

    this is BS he walked out on his contract because he has no class

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