WWE and CM Punk are Still Not Communicating

CM Punk titantron

WWE and CM Punk are still not communicating. The latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims that Punk and representatives from WWE have not had any contact for some time, and he is not expected to return prior to his contract expiring in July. 

According to the report, Punk was frustrated with a number of things before leaving. Many of these discrepancies where expressed by Punk at a Comic-Con event just days before his departure from the company. They included how he was being booked, how part-timers were being booked, and money paid to talent.

Punk is now reportedly happy being at home. He’s doing whatever he wants that isn’t wrestling related, and is said to be enjoying himself. His last year on the road was not fun for him. Many people expressed that they didn’t expect him to re-sign with the company when his contract ran out weeks before Punk walked out.

Being off the road, Punk has been able to attend whatever sporting events he wishes, compete in a Chicago area “Tough Mudder” event, attend concerts, and spend time with his fiancé AJ Lee, who is currently on a leave-of-absence from the company and is spending that time away with Punk. Punk’s ex-girlfriend who writes for a Chicago publication recently claimed that Punk is retired from professional wrestling.

Punk went home just 30 minutes before “Monday Night Raw” was set to go live on Jan. 27. He has not appeared on WWE programming since. Rumors about his “return” begin swirling around the Internet whenever WWE is about to host an event in Punk’s hometown of Chicago. The next PPV event, “Payback,” will be emanating from Chicago, and many people are calling for his “return” to happen on June 1. However, Punk has not had any contact with WWE and will not be working the show. 

Upon his contract running out in July, many people question just what Punk will do next. According to this latest report, WWE has the right to claim that Punk still owes them six months of work if Punk decides to wrestle for another company. He chose to sit out the last six months of his contract, and while WWE has not filed for a breach of contract, if he begins to “compete” with them by working for another company, they could easily claim that he can’t compete until he fulfills his contracted dates. 

Editor’s Note:
Proof that Punk isn’t returning at “Payback.” I really hope people understand this by now. Punk is not returning ANY time soon.

  • Lil Jimmy

    Punk is the one that is leading the faction vs the authority. It’s been in the works since last year.

  • JC Brioso

    Who is mc punk?

  • Guest

    Seriously who cares about punk he is just a little baby girl who betrayed the fans

    • Matt

      Clearly someone misses Punk!

  • Jordan

    Punk didn’t do anything wrong by leaving. The man is serverely banged up and is burned out on wrestling. He’s been wrestling on a nonstop basis since he was 18 years old. And he doesn’t owe anything to us fans either. Respect his privacy and leave the man alone

  • Matt

    It’s seems to me that the author of this article is trying too hard to make Punk fans believe he isn’t returning. I also get the feeling that Punk will be returning, but wwe doesn’t want us to see it coming.

    • Ken Kuhlman

      I heard he was making his debut as a midget wrestler with Ringling Brothers soon just think you can go see Puke and the Circus at the same time

  • Ken Kuhlman

    first that they are not talking is proof that Punk cant talk with no one to write the script but seriously I hope he never comes back wish the other midget would join him

  • breontaye

    I really want cm punk to come back on payback because it is in his home town an d he will probably feel special coming back with him and his fiance

  • David York

    enough with the articles regarding punk. let him be. i’m certain 95% of WCW and ECW is no longer communicating with the WWE. it’s not “news worthy.” drop it!

    • Rated Republican

      WCW and ECW communicate with WWE because they are a part of the WWE and you can now watch them (with non-copyrighted music in the case of ECW) on the WWE Network for the low, low, low cost of 9.95 a month (with 6 months commitment, LOL)

      • David York

        lol, dude, i’m sold! i meant anyone that was formerly on either roster. sorry, i should have clarified.

  • Rated Republican

    This article didn’t really provide proof that Punk will not be at Payback. Even if Punk gave an exclusive and said the he wasn’t coming, it doesn’t mean he won’t, since Punk and WWE could reach a deal to settle their issues at any time before then, so they can “shock the world” that the “Best In The World” is finally back, even though it would probably be the plan all along. Punk is getting played out on this walking out stuff since he’s already done it in Ring Of Honor and WWE.

  • Sandy L

    Tis a sad day to read this. But my hopes are still up for Punk to return.