Early WWE 2014 Royal Rumble Rumors for Brock Lesnar and Daniel Bryan


Rumors have been circulating throughout WWE as to when Brock Lesnar will make his return to television. Some held the belief that he would return around Hell in a Cell or Survivor Series to re-inject himself into the Paul Heyman and CM Punk feud, but that spot appears to be filled by Ryback.

Word is now that Lesnar will return to WWE television around the time of the Royal Rumble in January. It is likely this return will set up a feud for WrestleMania.

Also regarding the Royal Rumble, Daniel Bryan’s name has been thrown around as the potential winner for the big match, according to PWInsider. WWE usually has its WrestleMania main event plans in place around this time every year, so it would not be surprising to see that it has its winner picked.

The 2014 WWE Royal Rumble will be held in Pittsburgh, Pa.

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