WrestleMania 30 Travel Packages Revealed -


WrestleMania 30 Travel Packages Revealed


WWE have revealed details on the exclusive WrestleMania 30 Travel Packages, which go on sale this Monday.

Starting at just $795 per person, the packages offer a unique way of experiencing WrestleMania, with tickets to Raw, the Hall Of Fame ceremony, WrestleMania Axxess and of course WrestleMania itself included. The top priced package comes in at up to $6, 225, depending on group bookings, and offers the ultimate way to experience WrestleMania 30.


Packages officially go on sale via WWE.com on Monday.

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  • DrunkGamer

    When it says starting at $795, I take it that is if there are 4-6 people in your group? 2-3 people probably means for the silver package you’re looking at closer to the $1,930 per person. And as much as I wouldn’t mind attending a Wrestlemania live, there is no way I’d be able to justify that kind of cost, and thats before flights are included which on Expedia cost over £700 meaning that for 2 people to go would likely set you back at least £1,500 for 4 nights without spending money

  • chitter chatter

    I am trying to purchase two silver packages can someone please tell me where to go on here to purchase them. lts the first time i will be going to a Wrestlemania event although i have been a fan for 40 years.

    • The Penultimate stop

      apparently they are sold out. you should look everywhere on the internet to see who’s reselling theirs or just go to wwe.com to buy everything separately

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