Vince McMahon Could Renew CM Punk’s Contract in July


Vince McMahon could renew CM Punk’s contract in July. The latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has provided some new information regarding a clause that exists in every WWE contract that would allow the company to automatically renew any superstars contract upon expiration.

The only known case of WWE executives renewing a superstar’s contract without the superstar signing an extension, or a brand new deal all together, was the recent renewal of Rey Mysterio’s WWE deal. McMahon reportedly renewed Mysterio’s contract for another year due to Mysterio’s time off while healing from injuries.

According to reports, McMahon feels as if Mysterio owes the company more time since he has spent so much of his latest contract off recovering from multiple ailments. Currently, Mysterio is rehabilitating from a injured hand, but he also had surgery on his knee in June of 2013 which kept him off WWE TV for almost eight months.

Mysterio was not expected to renew his WWE contract upon the deal coming to an end this month, but WWE renewed it anyway. With Punk’s contract coming to an end in July, McMahon could renew his deal as well.

Whether or not Punk would actually come back to work if his contract was renewed is left to be seen. However, if WWE renews his contract, it would keep him from working anywhere else.

Punk has not appeared on WWE programming since January’s “Royal Rumble” PPV, but has been mentioned a couple of times when WWE events have taken place in his home town of Chicago. The most recent comments made in regards to Punk were made by Paul Heyman and Stephanie McMahon during the June 1 “Payback” event, where McMahon made mention to Punk “quitting” the company.

Punk himself has recently been labeled as a “retired” wrestler by a former girlfriend. He confirmed this claim in a recent interview, and is set to marry former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee in June 2014.

Editor’s Note:
Now THIS is an interesting situation. If they bogart Punk for another year, would he come back to work? If he did, what kind of work would he do? Interesting to see how this one plays out.

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  • gdragon

    Probably not. He’ll just stay home an extra year collecting money.

  • t-rextho

    That would be proof Vince is a senile old man. Punk’s salary is like $2.5+ million a year. Vince is going to pay Punk to sit at home and do whatever he wants? Why in gods name would any business leader do that? It’s idiotic.

    • SamD

      I assume the contract will have a clause where no payment is made if Punk doesn’t work for a certain amount of time. I’m sure wrestlers are effectively classed as independent contractors anyway. It just means he’ll still be part of WWE and won’t be able to wrestle for anyone else. If he decides to wrestle again, he’ll already have a contract to do so. If not, WWE won’t lose any money.

  • Danny Trayer Jr

    Any report that’s ever come out has always been dumb. What was said between VKM and Punk will never be known but I’m sure punk was a little sick of something back stage, is getting older, and is getting married. He probably said let me get married and enjoy life and let’s see what happens after that, and so they agreed and just as Vince said “he’s gone on a sabbatical”. Punk will be back when he can get a nice fat check and have a few more runs at the belt. Returning at SumerSlam could be huge.

  • DrunkGamer

    Surely that is illegal? How can you effectively lock someone into an extended contract that they have not agreed upon?

    • Get off Punks nuts he quit on

      The first contract he signed had that clause.

    • Shay3SaintJohn

      Phone companies do it all time lol

    • Ministerium

      Its called the real world junior.

    • eric

      but he did agree to it by signing the original contract. now it would be illegal if they added that clause after the signature but considering they have already done it to mysterio I doubt that’s the case

    • DontBeAScaredJerk

      They have agreed on it, by signing the original contract with that clause – unfortunately. I’m sure Vince’s contracts are all set up to bone quite hard.

  • James Harbaugh

    I’m a big CM Punk fan and I hope he does come back. But if his contract is renewed, he has to wrestle in order to be paid, and being under contract will keep him from wrestling anywhere else. I would like to think that after his marriage, he would like to make a run for the new unified championship.

  • Hunter Dunn

    It would actually probably piss him off more

  • RynoJordan23

    Punk isn’t coming back to WWE anytime soon. He’s not going to wrestle for another company. He’s happy in his retirement and about to be married. Leave the guy alone. He’ll probably return in a couple years for a WrestleMania appearance.

  • Anthony Perkins

    Dedrick Luda Hill Michael Alan Heffley

  • Anthony Perkins

    Dedrick Luda Hill Michael Alan Heffley

  • TakerLives

    Punk’s already made it clear that he doesn’t care to wrestle anymore, so why is Vince pushing him to come back so hard? What else can he do in WWE?

  • Daniel Scott

    Enough with Crybaby Punk. He took his ball and went home like a little girl. His look and (Sorry Smarks) Limited skill set were never going to put him on the mountain top with the greats. He’s gone and good riddance.

  • doruss03

    Get CM Punk back as soon as possible

  • doruss03

    There was always much more fun when Vince was running the business. His daughter is a drag and she is mean, she hate Daniel Bryan which should be a

    • Andrew Fate Tellier

      Don’t you remember Austin vs McMahon, it’s a STORYLINE

  • Bulkster

    Not holding my breath.

  • meep

    Yes. Obviously Vince McMahon, a man who just lost half his wealth, is willing to renew a contract of a guy who walked out on him two months before Wrestlemania and is seemingly very happy with not having to wrestle anymore. That makes total sense. Thank you for this article and thank you for wasting my time.

  • soccerbeast9689

    good riddance? without punk wwe is nothing he made the wwe title relevant again

  • sandy

    cm puke left when batistia came back. (running scared ??? hmmm) batistia quit and now they might bring him back in july. GOOD GRIEF THE PUKE LEFT SCREAMING & CRYING BECAUSE WWE BOUGHT RANDY ORTON A ESCLADE & WOULDNT GET HIM ICE CREAM BARS!!! He held a title for 200= days because WWE ALLOWED HIM TOO. WWE WOULDNT LET ANYBODY PIN PUKE OR THEY WERE FIRED NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I dont see what the big deal with cm puke is. all he did was open the doors for the other straight edge wrestlers who came out of closet announceing to the world they were straight edge gay!!! thats all he did. You can bet your ass he will come begging wwe for a job in the near future being broke and homeless. and i mean begging!!! watch and see him in very near future

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