Vince McMahon Interested in Buying Newcastle United


According to a report by,World Wrestling Entertainment chairman Vince McMahon has expressed interest in purchasing Newcastle United FC from owner Mike Ashley.

Talks are in extremely early stages, but the report indicates that McMahon would like to own a Premier League club.

Vince McMahon has been sniffing around the club and seems keen on pursuing his interest.

He sees England as an untapped market for his wrestling empire. He has even indicated he could put on wrestling bouts at St James’s Park.

Obviously it is very early days but there is hope the fans may get what they want with Ashley leaving. Buying a club like Newcastle would throw him into the spotlight in England which is just what he is looking to do. (Newcastle source)

Newcastle United currently owns a record of 11 wins, four draws and 11 loses. That has the club currently sitting ninth in the Barclays Premier League.

Ashley has been in talks with several American companies to sell the team, although talks with McMahon seem to be further along than most.

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  • Nathan Critchlow

    “: Vince McMahon Interested in Buying Newcastle United – – #News #WWE” @ajhunt_1984

  • Chris Gorst

    Didn’t this rumour come out a few years back too and nothing ever happened

  • José Torres

    Wait a minute… RT : Vince McMahon Interested in Buying Newcastle United – – #News #WWE

  • Peter Robson

    If it means getting Ashley out then I´d even be happy if he sold the club to Kim il Jung !!!!!!! The man is sucking the heart and soul out of NUFC !!!!