Vince McMahon is Not Happy With the Way the Top WWE Storyline is Going


WWE CEO Vince McMahon is not happy with the way the top WWE storyline is going. The biggest program at the moment, which involves his daughter Stephanie McMahon and Son-in-Law Triple H, is not going the way the “boss” wants it too.

McMahon is said to be the most uphappy with the way the characters of Stephanie and Triple H have been coming off on TV, where one minute their pulling heel moves, and the next a face move. One source, reported by, said that McMahon hated the response Triple H received Monday night on RAW when he arrived and came to ringside, as it was more of a pop than a heated response.

One source notes that McMahon feels as if Triple H and Stephanie appear confused each week during the angles on television, just like how most of the WWE Universe look and are responding to the program. That source claimed that the reason the two continue to flip-flop with their characters is due to the week-by-week writing of the angle and the constant changes to final scripts before, and sometimes after cameras are rolling.

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  • Andrew

    I can see that..,they do something heelish, then they come out and talk about doing whats best for business, which is making the crowd happy, and they make a match people want to see and leave…

    Kinda makes ya think theyre just TRULY doing whats “best for business” and anything they do people dont like is almost justified and they dont mean to be turds.

    • Zuri A.

      That’s the point

    • Megan

      I loved the way HHH dealt with Paul Heyman when he tried to weasel out of the match. It seemed like he was a real COO doing what is “best for business”, not a made-up, phony “evil” character.

  • Daniel Vollmer

    good, maybe Vince will go back to what worked before.

  • Foster E. Baxter Jr.

    Steph is the head of creative. It’s here fault if the writing is not good.

    • Charlie

      Vince has the final say on everything,

      • Megan

        Yes but he doesn’t micromanage Steph’s department. Not often, anyway.

        • GPaters

          Not often, and not nearly enough in my view.

  • David Maineri

    Do I see a match over control with Vince in the Big Show’s corner and Steph in Triple H’s corner. Vince is going to bring back Big Show next weeek

  • Frank Barger

    Its all bullshit anymore..ever since their PG rating who really cares? If I could id get a cable access show and show old florida and georgia championship wrestling and id bet people would watch that..they would be way better than the crap they put out week after week now..people wanna see blood not this same old bullshit

    • Edgar Perez

      yeah, people dont watch wrestling for blood, we watch it to be entertained

  • wwepassion

    no choice but to go back to attitude era, unless they wanna lose this business, just freaking do it you stuck up bitches

    • dazpanzan

      Im with that and sick of saying it, the ‘talent’ will never be as over as AE wrestlers were cos they’re leashes are to tight. And don’t adults get a say in what we want to watch anymore? We pay for the kids and we are really losing interest, the ratings are dying because people with kids are sick of this tots tv, Please WWE for the love of God do away with this dribble once and for all, not back to attitude but forwards to a new harder era, in wearing YouTube out!! I’m sick of watching hoping for something REALLY controversial to happen only to hear and see shit, Stephanie is almost as annoying as Vickie now…I did say ALMOST!

      • wwepassion

        cant’t say it any better, i so agree.

  • Carlius

    Just bring Shane in as a face, to put an end to the Authority. That’ll clear things up