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Vince McMahon Doesn’t See Daniel Bryan as an “Attraction”


WWE CEO Vince McMahon doesn’t see Daniel Bryan as an “attraction.” In a new report from, many people in the WWE noted that even though Bryan won the Slammy Award for “Superstar of the Year” during the latest episode of “Monday Night Raw,” he hasn’t been given a real run with the WWE Championship because McMahon doesn’t feel like he’s a big enough draw to do so.

As we previously reported, McMahon and Triple H have ultimate power over everything that happens in the WWE, and Bryan not yet receiving a title run is due to their judgement, not anyone else’s. Many people on the WWE Creative team claimed that it wasn’t that they weren’t writing or pushing for Bryan to get the title and run with it, but that it was McMahon that was vetoing the concept multiple times over.

A previous report from earlier in the year claimed that McMahon may have been referring to Bryan in a conversation with WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels when he said, “I just don’t see this guy drawing money. He’s just too small.” Michaels revealed that McMahon had been saying this to him about “a superstar,” but also was defending that superstar by saying, “hey, that’s what you said about me too.”

Michaels later claimed that the guy McMahon was talking about was NOT Bryan, but new reports seem to confirm that it very well may have been the “goat-faced” superstar McMahon was looking down on after all.

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  • Eccles

    can someone get @VinceMcMahon the USA network so he can watch #RAW please. And maybe we should COUNT the number of “YES”.

  • Jerrod Derheim

    OMG Vince your dumbass

    • Alvin = WWE Fan

      Coming from the guy who can’t distinguish between your and you’re

      • Chris

        Really? Are you seriously going to criticize his comment because it’s not correct English? If that’s the case why didn’t you criticize “OMG”. That’s not proper English. This is not an English paper. Relax.

        • Alvin = WWE Fan

          OMG is an acronym for Oh my God…

  • Padres4life

    ha ha he has lost it.

  • Jeven W.

    Millions + Seattle diagree RT Vince McMahon Doesn’t See Daniel Bryan as an “Attraction” – – #News #WWE

  • Dalinkwent

    Del Rio isn’t a draw, yet he has hovered around the WWE and world title scene for 2 years. The man doesn’t even get a reaction nor move merchandise like Bryan.

  • Sean Williams

    McMahon is a putz that gets lucky with the 3rd generation stars and talent that falls in his lap. He certainly is showing his age by turning his back to the fans.

  • Sean Williams

    Killing his push and yes chants will be easy. The writers will get tired of this guy floating in the fans favor and turn him heel and bury him in that last direction.

  • BrettHD

    What an idiot. He’s completely buried Punk and Bryan yet he runs around firing people because the ratings are at wcw lows. He’s finally gone completely senile.

  • Thomas A Marcoux Sr.

    Mcmahons thaughts on danial bryan is whats making people turn away from wwe multi billionaire thinks he knows everything no wonder hes losing viewers

  • Wally.

    So the most over guy in the company isn’t an attraction. Makes sense.

  • Padres4life

    so you mean to tell me that the Miz, ADR, Jeff Hardy, RVD, Edge, Psycho Sid, Diesel, Punk, were all bigger draws? Bryan has been getting insane reactions all year long..And he sells a tons of merch…what more does the guy have to do? This has to be untrue, he’s one of their top draws….makes no sense.

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