Update on Roman Reigns’ Injury


A new tweet from the man himself has provided an update on Roman Reigns’ injury. As we previously reported, Reigns suffered an injury during a Steel Cage Match with Randy Orton overseas during a WWE Live Event in Glasgow, Scotland. It appears that it was a head injury, as Reigns recently posted a graphic image of the damage on his official Twitter account.

Reigns tweets,



The muscle of The Shield is definitely going to require stitches above his right eye. Earlier reports claim that the injury occurred during a spot where Orton was to reverse Reigns’ signature Spear. One report claims that it looked as if Orton was going for a powerslam as the counter, one states both men collided head-to-head, while the other report claims Orton stuck Reigns with a stiff European Uppercut. Regardless, Reigns was definitely busted open and may have a concussion.

If both men did collide head-on, no details have emerged regarding Orton’s condition. will keep you up-to-date on Reigns condition as more details become available.

Editor’s Note:
Holy crap that had to hurt. I hope he doesn’t have to miss much, if any, time in the ring as he recovers from that. Wow. Takes a man to get busted open the hard way like that and continue to perform for 5+ minutes.

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  • Jake Bailey

    Looks like a cut boxers usually get from a good punch or headbutt

  • Nicholas Quinn

    Looked like it was a punch at the event. Orton was too close to the turnbuckle to powerslam so tried to change it to uppercut and it evidentially never worked.

  • George Hook

    Man, that’s fierce ….

  • bummed1

    Like Mick Foley said in his book, in wrestling there’s no time outs. No substitutions for injuries. They must perform till the end. If it is bad enuf, they’ll end the match quickly, otherwise they’ll do what they came to do. Ringtalk is always there and the ref always checks on wrestlers after a big bump, you can see that constantly. The fact that Reigns continued with a cut like that shows that he cares more about the performance rather than himself. Kudos, Roman!

  • Dunlap Gabriel

    Another stupid editors note

  • Mickey Pfife

    have the same exact injury a couple years ago, bled like hell. Was playing a show with my band and went for a guitar throw and popped myself abive the eye. And finished our set which was 30 mins lobg. Ended up getting 15 stitches and a nice scar. :-)

  • Southern_Breeze

    Nasty laceration. Some stitches, ice and a couple weeks, he should be good to go. Now, if this was an accident, and they do happen, that’s just part of the business. If Orton did it on purpose, Reigns should put a severe beat down on Orton and kick his candy ass up into his throat.

    • Diablo130356

      There is NO WAY Orton or anyone else in wrestling would intentionally cause a nasty injury like that, not even a stiff wrestler!
      It is obviously a nasty accident and it is to the wrestlers credit that we don’t see more injuries like that during some fast paced bouts and risky manoeuvers.
      Any wrestler who intentionally injured his fellow performers like that would have a VERY short career, so don’t fall for all the kayfabe injuries and storylines.

  • Richard Sattanni


  • Sara Vanhoose

    Roman Reigns is very tough. He can be beat really bad like from Evolution and he will be ready to fight in a couple days. No one can keep Roman Reigns down and no one can keep the Shield down

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