Update: New Information Regarding CM Punk’s Departure From WWE


It appears that TMZ Sports has become the latest major media outlet to pick up on the CM Punk story of him potentially leaving the WWE, which we reported on earlier this morning at WrestlingRumors.net.

According to their sources, the reason behind Punk ‘going home’ was that he was immensely frustrated by the way he was apparently going to be used at WrestleMania 30, which was face COO Triple H in a one-on-one match.

He became ‘livid’ when he learned that Batista, who had been away from the company for quite some time and was visibly in poor ring shape, was being written in to win the 2014 Royal Rumble match and headline WrestleMania 30 in the main event.

They’re sources also say that Punk has no plans on returning to the WWE and that he’s “very serious about his decision.”

This TMZ report should be taken with a grain of salt, as there is no way of knowing if their story is a combination of several other stories or if they truly do have credible sources who know for a fact the reason behind Punk’s departure.

ProWrestling.net also has a story up about how Punk seemed very disinterested in the current WWE product at a recent Q&A session at Wizard World in Portland this past Friday during Royal Rumble Weekend.

He had this to say about his current in-ring work as of late:

I show up. Someone tells me what to do and I just go out do it and leave.

Punk essentially downplayed his own work and that he was down to using just two moves a match.

The relationship between Punk and Batista is said to be good, but the straight-edge superstar believes that this was “Daniel Bryan’s year.”

We here at WrestlingRumors.net will continue to update you on this situation as more information comes forth.

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