Update: New Information Regarding CM Punk's Departure From WWE -


Update: New Information Regarding CM Punk’s Departure From WWE


It appears that TMZ Sports has become the latest major media outlet to pick up on the CM Punk story of him potentially leaving the WWE, which we reported on earlier this morning at WrestlingRumors.net.

According to their sources, the reason behind Punk ‘going home’ was that he was immensely frustrated by the way he was apparently going to be used at WrestleMania 30, which was face COO Triple H in a one-on-one match.

He became ‘livid’ when he learned that Batista, who had been away from the company for quite some time and was visibly in poor ring shape, was being written in to win the 2014 Royal Rumble match and headline WrestleMania 30 in the main event.

They’re sources also say that Punk has no plans on returning to the WWE and that he’s “very serious about his decision.”

This TMZ report should be taken with a grain of salt, as there is no way of knowing if their story is a combination of several other stories or if they truly do have credible sources who know for a fact the reason behind Punk’s departure.

ProWrestling.net also has a story up about how Punk seemed very disinterested in the current WWE product at a recent Q&A session at Wizard World in Portland this past Friday during Royal Rumble Weekend.

He had this to say about his current in-ring work as of late:

I show up. Someone tells me what to do and I just go out do it and leave.

Punk essentially downplayed his own work and that he was down to using just two moves a match.

The relationship between Punk and Batista is said to be good, but the straight-edge superstar believes that this was “Daniel Bryan’s year.”

We here at WrestlingRumors.net will continue to update you on this situation as more information comes forth.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/mattyice731 Matt Mahaffey

    WWE needs to realize what they have in Punk and get him to stay with the company by any means necessary. He’s got too much talent for them to dumb down his moveset and his abilities in the ring.

  • RACER1111

    If all this is true, it sux, but I don’t blame him. I paid 4 rumble. IT SUCKED. I already knew who was going to win every match. including bootista winning rumble, which all sucked. only match I wasn’t sure about was Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt. And, what an awesome match that was. I paid for rumble because usually surprise entrants. I, hearing all the Sting rumors, ONLY bought it hoping to C Sting. Punk gets eliminated, ok…but not by Kane, not by someone who should be ineligible to eliminate someone since he was already eliminated! stupid story. If Bryan doesn’t main event wm30, ok, but not bootista, that is total crap. 4 yrs gone and ok here is wm30 its yours have fun.. Personally, I can’t believe that the first ppv after the announcement of wwenetwork was this crappy rumble. Way to get the word out! If Sting has not signed yet, I hope this doesn’t sway him not to. wwe needs to get their stuff together. Most fans r blue collar and appreciate when a hard working person gets what they deserve. AND, when a tyrant gets what he deserves. It’s why the attitude era was so successful.
    We r getting loud because we’re tired of the people coming back and getting handed everything. Dwayne, for example, two manias in a row w/ cena for a one night only. 2 or 1 which was it?!! and now Bootista. So anyone knocking Sting vs Taker at wm30 has no room for gripe if it were to happen, other alternative is taker vs lesnar which would still be lesnar coming back for another short little stint. At least Sting has been working in ring, just for a diff, less attractive co. Yes, I think Sting vs Taker would be better served next year cuz more time for an awesome storyline. But I do NOT want to c taker vs lesnar. another friggin rematch. and don’t get me started on hogan.

  • http://twitter.com/Boycott_WM30 Boycott Wrestlemania

    WWE refuses to listen to their fans,join the fight.Boycott wrestlemania and be heard. Please RT #boycottwrestlemania

    • Victor Katz

      The news about Punk just ‘frosts the cake’
      JUST SAY ‘NO’ TO ANY WWE PPV ! ! !

      • http://dylricho.com/ Dylan

        If you don’t want to waste your money, just watch it online. After all, the WWE Universe is providing the wages for the wrestlers, and providing HHH with revenue. Why should you do that, if HHH is literally mocking the fans?

  • http://twitter.com/Cnotes4ClosA Andrew Clos

    “: Update: New Information Regarding CM Punk’s Departure From #WWE – http://t.co/qz8wqexL3Q – #News” @roknrollajhallm

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