Update on CM Punk’s Future in Professional Wrestling


On Tuesday, Wrestling Rumors noted that CM Punk not only did not appear on “Monday Night Raw” this past week, but there were never any plans for him to be slated into the script. The show went live from Chicago, his hometown, and even opened with his music followed by a worked-shoot promo by his former manager, Paul Heyman.

Further reports from now claim that there is a general consensus from those backstage in WWE and beyond that Punk is mentally done with professional wrestling, and it is likely that the world has seen the last of CM Punk for the foreseeable future.

Punk’s contract expires officially in July, though according to the report, he most likely won’t be seen anytime before them. While there is always a window of opportunity for return, there has been little from Punk’s camp that indicates he wishes to anytime soon. It is said that virtually no one is hearing from him, and even close friends who may know of his plans are keeping quiet.

The 35-year-old former WWE Champion hasn’t been seen on WWE television since the Royal Rumble pay-per-view on Jan. 27.

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  • Chachi37

    So.. You’re telling us what we already know…. Lol

  • Niggggg

    Really was a sucky way to leave though.

  • Bulkster

    Screw him. He was dick anyway. Especially after what he did to the Miz and now his fans. Screw him.

    • Soullll

      He’s still a good asset to have in the WWE, regardless of his attitude behind the scenes. Don’t be so blindly belligerent against him, you never met him lol. So annoying when people sweaaaar Cenas a douche too. You guys don’t know them, you just judge them on their rumored actions which is ignorant as hell.

      • Bulkster

        What are you talking about? You’re making your own assumption that because I didn’t write a book on the subject, that I don’t have a valid reason for calling Punk a dick, he’s proved it at least twice to the whole wide world. So kick rocks jack ass.

        • Retard

          Lmao he didn’t ask for a book, he didn’t even ask for validation for punk being a dick, he agreed with you dumbass. You’re more of a dick than Punk, if it comes down to stuff I see on the internet alone like you do, haha. He’s stating something you can’t deny, and that’s that you don’t know punk attitude-wise, you make him out of reports you find online, which makes you ignorant.

          • Bulkster

            You can stfu now. Be blind if you want. I’m not. And I’m going to say what I want. K pumpkin? K.

  • Brian Cabrera

    This is Ryan Clarke style reporting

  • jrock2310

    I still can’t shake that this is a work. The timing is just too perfect: Punk left after the RR, just before the next airing of MNR. I think it was intentional. I think w/ punks many injuries & health concerns it was a deliberate ruse.
    With punk being disgruntled w/ creative for a while, he could have left at any point in time over the last yr… he chose to leave right after the RR?
    And vince w/ the launch of the WWE Network, punk being gone doesn’t exactly hurt PPV buys because most viewing WM will most likely watch it via the network. It also gives punk the allotted time off he richly deserves; 2 months infact.

    On top of that, WWE has not 100% acknowledged punks dismissal. They have simply referred to it as a “sabbatical”. WWE is still selling his merch. They have yet to publically bury him.
    Punk is not talking either (whether through media or twitter) and we all know punk is not one to bite his tongue on a issue he fells passionate about. I think he was instructed not to use twitter during the time off as to paint the picture of a disgruntled employee who’s head is not right.
    when in reality, if he was really pissed, a guy like punk would probably have no problem burying them on twitter or to the press. the fact that he disappeared completely tells me more than if he were at least tweeting some or talking to someone. It would make it appear like he’s moved on. As it is now, it looks like he’s a torn person.