Triple H is Reportedly Working Injured -


Triple H is Reportedly Working Injured


Triple H is reportedly working injured. According to a new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the WWE COO and former WWE Champion suffered a muscle injury during the opening bout of WrestleMania XXX where he faced WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan.

The night after WrestleMania XXX, Triple H appeared in a WWE World Heavyweight Championship bout with Bryan on “Monday Night Raw,” and had his leg taped up to hide the noticeable bruising of the limb, and keep the muscle stabilized. Triple H is not expected to miss any time in the ring, as he, Randy Orton, and Batista will be working the main event of WWE’s May Special Event, “Extreme Rules” as the faction Evolution.

Evolution reunited on the April 14 edition of “Monday Night Raw” to set up the “Extreme Rules” main event, which will see the faction face off against the newly babyface stable The Shield. Daniel Bryan will face Kane for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the event, but that match is not expected to close the show. The event is being built around Evolution and The Shield, and the two stables are expected to work against each other past “Extreme Rules” on May 4.

Editor’s Note: Triple H has dealt with worse…like two torn quadriceps. He’ll be fine. Hopefully his leg heals up quickly and we get an excellent showing from him at “Extreme Rules.” The positive note surrounding the match is that it’s a 6-Man Tag bout, which mean Trips won’t have to work the entire time.

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  • Sternrage

    Wow. What a shocker. WWE devaluing their top title by, just like with Punk, not allowing it to close the show. I hope this report is false. While Kane, at least right now, isn’t worthy of fighting for the top title over say, Randy Orton, it’s the top title. The championship, when defended or otherwise, should always close the special event/pay per view.

    • Lloyd

      I’m also not happy with WWE undervaluing the title with a champion who absolutely deserved it (e.g. CM Punk). But hey, at least it isn’t Cena in the main event. I think we all can enjoy that while it lasts.

    • JuneBug81

      Especially given that said title is now more legitimate feeling than it’s been in years. What they did with Mania really elevated and legitimized the title by putting it on someone the fans were nearly universally behind, AND doing so in grand style. It’s the most prominent the title has been in years imo.

      I had hoped they would have Bryan defend it weekly on Raw, really sell the idea that he’s a “fighting champion,” maybe have him kiss the belts before each match, old school style. Make the belts matter more. This was a missed golden opportunity imo.

      Not having him main event when Mania was THE MOST WATCHED PPV IN WWE HISTORY (broke WM 17’s record!) really worries me. Makes me fear they just tossed us a bone with his victory and plan to take it off him in short order. Or worse still, don’t view him as a draw. Which is ludicrous at this point. It was the MOST WATCHED MANIA IN HISTORY, and the ONLY well built attraction was Bryan. He’s CLEARLY a draw.

    • Delima05

      Lol I expected it to be a 4 way.

      Evo + Kane

      Vs Daniel Bryan + Shield

  • Bob Steinberg

    Randy Orton needs to get over himself. His about life is in the crapper and it reflects in his inability to kick out the other two meatheads that are in is way. Triple H and Batista. AKA, the over the hill duo. All three got what they deserved from Daniel Bryan. A backstage pass to see the new WWE Champion. At least Daniel Bryan doesn’t gloat and brag about how deserving he is or that he should be the face of the WWE he just did it despite Triple H”s intervention. The best match this year was when Triple H got his butt kicked but good by Daniel Bryan. I was hoping for some retribution by Daniel Bryan in the form of handcuffing Triple H and beating him with a chair and asking him how it felt to be degraded and humiliated but then I realized he wouldn’t be the graceful champion that he is and he has The Shield on his side. Triple H is just pissed off that he’s now in his twilight years and the fact is his best years are behind him and available to watch on the WWE Network. YES! YES! YES!

    • Thomas

      You indeed are one of the SHEEP

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