Top WWE Superstars Want Alberto Del Rio Back


In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was reported that top WWE superstars want Alberto Del Rio back on the roster. Del Rio was recently fired from the company after an altercation with another employee. Del Rio slapped a WWE Social Media director after hearing that the employee had made an off-color and seemingly racist remark about him.

Del Rio reportedly slapped Social Media director Cody Barbierri so hard it put him down, which led to his dismissal. Apparently, Del Rio had been told he would only be suspended for the attack, but was phoned by Triple H later the next day to discover that WWE was firing him, yet would not be wishing him well in all of his future endeavors.

Del Rio, who has since joined Mexican promotion AAA, has taken the moniker El Patrón (The Boss), and exposed WWE as “racist” during the company’s latest major event on Aug. 17. Del Rio will reportedly be returning to the United States soon to “expose” more about the firing and the racism within the publicly traded company.

Representatives for Del Rio have reportedly been contacting US independent wrestling promotions as of late trying to book the former WWE Champion for autograph signings and competition, regardless of the one-year “no compete” clause that WWE pushed on his contract. The Del Rio camp does not believe that the clause, which is set to bar Del Rio from professional wrestling and MMA bouts for 365 days, will hold up in court, because the company is not going to be paying him during this time.

While his asking price to promoters is reportedly steep, many believe that because there is so much controversy surrounding the superstar that promoters will pay the price. Del Rio’s lawyers have reportedly given El Patrón permission to begin commenting on his release to media here in the US, which doesn’t bode well for WWE.

However, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims that those close to Triple H backstage claims that the COO of the WWE told Del Rio to not defame the company or get into trouble during his time off, and he will re-hire him in six months or so. Top main event talent such as John Cena, Randy Orton, and Big Show have all expressed to Del Rio that they will do what it takes to get him back, but Del Rio seems to not want to return to the company, and may bury them when given the chance.

Editor’s Note:
I really want to hear if Barbierri threatened to sue from Del Rio himself. Thing is, if Del Rio had just issued a complaint when the racist remark was made, Barbierri would have been let go. However, he put his hands on him, which gives all power over to Barbierri because he could claim he was “assaulted.” Crazy how ridiculous our legal system is, eh? We reward racism with job security. Makes sense (I hope you’re picking up on the sarcasm here, cause I’m laying it on pretty thick).

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  • Fran McNeal

    So do the fans

  • tom

    In what world was he rewarded for racism? He was, like you said, “assaulted”, by del Rio. Your little editor note contradicts itself, bc like you said, if del Rio didn’t put hands on him he would,still be employed. I’m not condoning anything barbierri did or did not say, but no one forced del Rio to slap him. Ever hear of sticks,and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me…

    • Larry

      They both should’ve been fired. That’s the racist part. Why would you still employ someone, especially in THIS internationally known company someone who has been proven to say racist comments and still have them employed?

    • Jesus

      Tom, you are a bitch…

      • HHH

        Now if Tom slaps you he’s an ass… Until then you’re the ass

    • Ben Tarr

      He wasn’t fired for making a racist remark, and refusing to apologise about it, even though Del Rio was visibly upset. You can’t excuse that behaviour.

  • TheRealityEra

    Well WWE if you want Del rio back all you have to do is fire mr. Racially insensitive as the first to recovery!

  • Ryan Burke

    Dolph Ziggler will be forever grateful..till he gets kicked in the head again and forgets.

  • Truth

    I really don’t understand the people criticizing Del Rio. No matter what, your dignity comes first. They must be that bitch brown noser at work that always get pushed around.

    • billybob

      Your an idiot

      • Fuck you

        Your’re an idiot*

        • BITW 785

          I believe the word you both are looking for is you’re.

      • Jim

        Billybob is a racist.

  • Jimmy

    This is a typical dirt sheet article. It’s full of guesses, poor grammar and of course a quote from The Meltz. I can’t wait until this gets picked apart on Ring Rust Radio next Tuesday.

  • jsw1317

    My problem is this: get over the shock and disgust at the “racism” in WWE (or anywhere else.) Mexican is a nationality, not a race. If the brilliant writer of this article (I hope you’re picking up on the sarcasm here, because I’m laying it on pretty thick) is using ‘white’ as the measuring stick of racism, Del Rio is ‘white.’ Hispanic is still ‘white,’ it’s simply a branch of ‘white.’
    I don’t support Barbieri at all. I think Del Rio had every right to slap the hell out of the guy. And that should have ended it. Done. The end. The coversation should not be that significant.
    ‘Get Del Rio to clean it up. He makes a good bus boy.’ (as none of thus were there, we don’t know the true words spoken, but honestly ,that’s not racist anyway. I was a bus boy…and I’m the “regular” ‘white.’)
    ‘Hey perro, you owe me an apology for being racist.’
    ‘Screw you, Del Rio.’
    *SLAP* *THUD* ‘That’s what you get, perro.’
    The end. Great story isn’t it?
    The point is, I feel bad for Del Rio being fired; it’s ridiculous. He deserves to be back. However, if he’s running around whining about racism, my respect disappears. ENOUGH with the racism.

    • El Patron

      Sorry dude your an idiot Hispanic is a race. Check out a job application moron

      • B-ry

        You’re is the correct term. Would you even know how to fill out a job application if you can’t spell a simple word correctly?

      • Lucas Dieckhaus

        Also Del Rio is more likely Latino and no Hispanic since is from Mexico. Hispanic means, of Spanish heritage, and in Mecico they are of Latin decent.

      • Remy

        You are a twat.

        • jsw1317

          Are you referring to me? I can’t imagine you possibly would, as that is an incredibly childish and mind-numbingly stupid response. Is that all of which you are capable? It’s quite pathetic.

    • John

      It’s as racist as it gets. The stereotypical busboy is a Latino.

      Get over racism?! People will once racism stops existing. You sound like a privileged white boy who has never been targeted by police because your skin tone is similar to a criminal’s. Go make some non-white friends and learn how the world really works.

      • jsw1317

        The stereotypical busboy is Latino? So becasue of a stereotype which may or may not accurate (in some instances, stereotypes exist for a reason and thus there is no reason to avoid them or be offended by them, whereas in other cases, they are irrelevant and thus not necessary to bring into a conversation) you’re going to make a blanket statement that ‘it’s as racist as it gets.’
        You’re mistaken. It’s NOT ‘as racist as it gets.’ What is more racist is making the statement, ‘you are Latino (which Del Rio is not any more than an Italian) and thus inferior to me.’ THAT is racist. Saying, ‘hey, are you a busboy because all the busboys I know are Latino’ is stereotypical, not racist. There is a difference.
        Racism will never ‘stop existing.’ That is incredibly naive. Grow up. You are either a bitter person or a child. Plenty of Hispanics are racist, too, sport; many blacks are also racist. Do they have an excuse because they’ve been “targeted by police because of their skin tone?”
        Grow. Up.
        Go get some real-life experience and an education and learn how the world really works.

  • jsw1317

    Correction: “Barbierri.”

  • Truth hurts

    A typical American trait these days of the treatment of coloured people and whos police forces are the worst of the offenders.

    • windyhillgal

      Troll. You don’t know a thing about “typical American traits”.

  • Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Look at you idiots fighting like bitches. No one important cares about any of our opinions so shut the fuck up and let’s just enjoy wrestling. Then again, no one cares about this comment and I guess I’m fighting now, like a bitch…