“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Talks CM Punk’s WWE Departure


“Stone Cold” Steve Austin made an appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show yesterday in order to promote his popular podcast series that has been sweeping the Internet.

The discussion turned to CM Punk and him walking out of WWE, a situation that Austin said was real and was similar to what he had done a decade ago.

“I was back in a place when I walked away from the company, I didn’t like what they had to tell me, so I took my ball and went home as they spun it, and lost out on a lot of money. So CM, I think he was backed against a corner, he got a little frustrated and took his ball and went home.”

“The Rattlesnake” walked out on WWE in mid-2002 over frustration with creative and being booked to lose in a feud with the up and coming Brock Lesnar.

Austin then mentioned he think that Vince McMahon will in all likelihood attempt to fly out to Chicago to try to convince him to return. If that doesn’t happen, he says he thinks Punk will be tempted by the money left on the table to return after a little bit of rest.

The entire portion of the interview can be found below.

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