Stephanie McMahon Invites Dusty Rhodes to Monday Night Raw -


Stephanie McMahon Invites Dusty Rhodes to Monday Night Raw


As we previously reported, Dusty Rhodes may be the next member of the esteemed Rhodes Family to appear on WWE programming to try and save the career of Cody Rhodes. This will likely be the case as Stephanie McMahon took to Twitter to send an invitation to Cody Rhodes’ father and WWE Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes.

The EVP of WWE sent out the following tweet the day before Night of Champions:

Dusty has not yet responded to Stephanie’s invitation, but will keep you updates as more becomes available. Dusty Rhodes has been featured on pre-show panels for WWE pay-per-views over the past couple of months, but his last appearance on Monday Night Raw was in March of 2013.

WWE Night of Champions airs on Pay-Per-View Sunday, September 15, 2013. will of course have full live coverage and results of the event, and you can “live tweet” along side of us on Twitter by following us @WrestleRumors.

We will also be hosting a special “Night of Champions Pre-Show” via Google Hangouts, where we want YOU, the Wrestling Rumors faithful, to join us as we break down the final card match-by-match before the big show gets underway. “Wresting Rumors’ Night of Champions Hangout” will begin at 6:00pm ET on September 15th!

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  • rick whitlock

    Give cody and dustin there jobs back

  • SpreadinTheHATE

    inb4 Dusty is fired.

  • SpreadinTheHATE

    inb4 Dusty is fired.

  • Anita Moss

    Why is this being done to the Rhodes?? Whose idea was that should be FIRED!! horrible storyline… who really likes to watch Stephanie McMahon humiliate the whole Rhode Family… Now.. what is she going to do the the dad?? Have him beat down too!! awful.. I can’t watch that…there’s no respect…

    • RodKnocker

      Dusty is the best promo cutter in the biz. He was the brains behind nwa and I think wcw before Bischoff. If he comes out its for ratings only. Watched wrestling since 1984 and would enjoy seeing the elbow roll again.

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