WWE Championship Match for Battleground Announced -


WWE Championship Match for Battleground Announced


At the September 17 tapings of WWE Smackdown, the WWE Championship match for WWE’s next pay-per-view, Battleground, was announced. The match that will take place puts the vacant WWE Championship up for grabs in a match that pits Daniel Bryan against Randy Orton.

The inaugural Battleground will take place on October 6 in Buffalo, New York live from the First Niagara Center. This match will be the third time the two face each other with the WWE Championship on the line. The two have split the matches so far as Orton successfully cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Bryan at SummerSlam, while Bryan defeated Orton at Night of Champions. However, Bryan was stripped of the title due to a fast count by WWE referee Scott Armstrong.

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  • ando

    Why do these two in particular need to face off again? Technically neither of them should have the right to challenge for the WWE title again: Orton cashed in his MITB, Bryan defeated him (despite his “win” being seen as dubious by Triple H, thereby stripping it from him)…………it should either be a Championship Scramble or other similar match between past title holders: this is where both Henry and Sheamus need to make their returns

  • Randy

    wwe is becomming a big soap box I used to enjoy it but since Tripple H and Steph took it its no good and Tripple H is a panty waste

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