Shawn Michaels Says He Almost Died Due to His Drug Use -


Shawn Michaels Says He Almost Died Due to His Drug Use


WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels says he almost died due to his drug use in the 1990’s. During a recent ministry outreach event, Michaels spoke to around 525 people (most of which were teenagers) about his former destructive lifestyle. Michaels went as far as to say he was doing everything he could to kill himself, except for putting a loaded weapon in his hands.

In a recent article written by Shawn Annarelli of, the story of Michaels sharing his testimony at the North Way Christian Community in Pine, PA. is one that digs deep into the life of “Mr. WrestleMania.” Michaels, who’s 48 years old, made these remarks before sharing his story with the 400+ teens in the audience,

“My specialty has been pretending to be things I’m not since I was 19. I’ve played a part my entire life, but now, I’m here, and I have to be real.”

Michaels would go on to discuss being thirty years old in 1996, which is when he had just become the newly crowned World Wrestling Federation Champion, and was a struggling drug addict. He got married in 1998 to WCW Nitro Girl “Whisper,” who’s real name is Rebecca. He then shares that she had to pick him up in the shower when he fell often and drag him to bed from the couch after he would be passed out from using different substances. After becoming unconscious on his couch one day in 2002, his two year old son tried to wake him up, but couldn’t. That was Michaels’ breaking point.

Michaels goes on to say that this was when he prayed for Christ to save him, and became drug free. His Christian walk is what gave him the strength then, and continues to do so to this day.

“I was doing everything I could to kill myself except put a loaded weapon in my hand,” said Michaels.

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  • HurriOwl


  • Hawkeye Barton

    Straight edge means I’m better than you, bitch.

  • Troy Bennett

    lmao his god gave him strength dont make me laugh mr kissmybottom did u know more than 70% of christans kill themselves because of the gult religion puts on them idk of any atheists who commit suicide bc of guilt from anyone or anything

    • Craig

      Because many Christians have it confused. It’s not about religion, it’s about relationship. Religion says “what I can do for God” where relationship says “what Christ has already done for us”. It’s about living under his grace and mercy and not trying to earn the gift he has already given us. That’s why HBK is not part of that 70%

      • Johnny McGill

        Craig, you are right on and HBK is brave to open his life like that. Religion is the reason for many failures. A relationship is forgiving and building.

    • Ken Kuhlman

      70 percent of christians kill themselves look up moron in the dictionary there is your picture I myself am and agnostic that means I have not got a hint or not if there is a god I admit then again you are and idiot

  • Thomas Dereda

    How high were you when you threatened Tommy Lee , before a wrestle mania event I forget which year ? You were being walked to the ring by
    Pam Anderson !

  • Ltreese96

    Way to go, Shawn! Tell the truth and it sets you free–and, in this case,
    it may set many others free, too. GBU to one of my favorite guys in the world.

  • Rated Republican

    This is a non-news story since HBK has been telling people this for 10 years.

  • cricket

    I acknowledge HBK understanding a need to change his way of life and having the drive to so. In what ever it took and the self rewarding and preservation of himself. It is a strange feeling to leave an old person behind in yourself and evolve into a new one unless you have experienced that situation; it is indescribable. I applaud you HBK and I hope you have found peace and happiness in your life. From one Rebecca to another I am glad you were there to help him up and guide him when it was needed.

  • Timian Osgood

    It’s amazing how an article about a superstar actually having cleaned up his act for a change, after being whatever the fans wanted all these years…. It does what?
    Do we get positive responses? Perhaps a few fans that love the concept that he’s not dead after all that shit he and 3/4 of that era were on? Hell, let’s look at nearly all of the wrestlers from the 90s, and then see just how many of our “heroes” bounced back, everyone?
    Some of the greatest superstars in history came from that era, and even more drank, used drugs, steroids, and even worse…. Some died due to it all….
    Don’t use articles about their accomplishments in “bouncing back”, “recovery”, and most importantly…. their survival above and beyond it all for not just careers, but their families, and themselves…
    When we lost one of our best, we never got all the facts, and he was “swept under the rug”, never honored, and simply forgotten…
    Respect those who respect the universe, what it means, and the knowledge that as a whole, they must respect themselves….

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