Rumors on Sheamus Heel Turn


The rumblings going around backstage are that WWE Superstar Sheamus may be in line for a heel turn upon his return to in-ring competition. The Irish brawler has been out of action since just after Money in the Bank due to a torn labrum. His injury puts him on the sidelines for between four and six months.

The former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion has been a babyface since June of 2011, where following a brief feud with then-World Champion Randy Orton, he called out Mark Henry for being a bully. He would go on to win the title at WrestleMania XXVIII following a Royal Rumble victory in January of 2012.

It is unknown when Sheamus will actually return, though rumors have circulated that he should be cleared around time for the Royal Rumble in Pittsburgh, Pa.

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  • Chrislis Tei

    That would be goofy given that WWE has no credible faces outwith Bryan and Punk. The company is ridiculously heel-heavy.

  • wrencis

    They seem to have more faith in RVD, Ziggler, and Cody now.