Rob Van Dam Has Ill Feelings Towards TNA


As the world anticipates the WWE return of Rob Van Dam, the “Whole F’n Show” continues to speak out about his career, most notably his recent departure from TNA Wrestling. Van Dam has been taking part in numerous interviews, Twitter conversations, and podcasts talking about his upcoming Money In The Bank re-debu and his issues with previous employer TNA. Van Dam stated in an interview just after his return to the WWE was announced, that TNA has multiple problems in how they do business. One of these problems he feels exists is the way that the company promotes its brand and its talent. Van Dam never felt like he was pushed or promoted as the superstar he is while under contract with the #2 company in professional wrestling. This was the first indication that Van Dam may have some hard feelings towards Dixie Carter and her company.

As Van Dam was responding to fans on Twitter Sunday night, he answered one fan who asked, “what made you leave TNA?” Van Dam responded with…



He then responded to another fan who apparently had no idea he wrestled for TNA for almost 3 years…



From the outside looking in, and from the mouth of Van Dam himself, he was not pleased with his run in the WWE’s closest thing to a “rival” company. He left TNA on bad terms, but seems to be very excited about his upcoming resurgence into the WWE Universe. As he said himself during his latest episode of the RVD Live Podcast, “I read this yesterday on some story. It said, ‘With one 48-second video, WWE can make RVD mean more than he’s meant in the last several years.’ I think it’s true. The reason I think that’s true is because like over the last several years I’ve had so many people say, ‘RVD, you got to get back in the ring. What did you do, retire? You know, and I’m always promoting, ‘No, no, Thursday nights on Spike every week.’ And I’ve done that for three years. I don’t know about you, but I get that all the time. All the time. And that’s the difference between this and this.”

The world is definitely buzzing about Van Dam’s future involvement with the WWE. With all this excitement surrounding the “extreme” superstar one has to ask, will “Mr. Monday Night” again become “Mr. Money in the Bank” come July 14th?


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