Rey Mysterio Reportedly Had Handshake Deal with Triple H to Leave WWE -


Rey Mysterio Reportedly Had Handshake Deal with Triple H to Leave WWE


Back when Rey Mysterio’s contract with WWE was about to expire, in May, he was set to depart from the company. However, Vince McMahon and other WWE officials were reportedly able to renew Mysterio’s contract without his consent. McMahon and the officials believed Mysterio owed the company time due to recurring injuries.

Because of his contractual ties to WWE, Rey Mysterio could not appear in person at AAA’s TripleMania event, despite rumors of him wanting to join the company. Instead, Mysterio showed up in the form of a video. Mysterio is still looking to get out of his contract with WWE, and has considered taking legal action.

The latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter has provided the latest details on the situation between Mysterio and WWE. It reports that back in May, Mysterio informed Triple H of his desires to leave WWE upon his contract expiring. Triple H was reportedly okay with Mysterio’s decision, and the two had a handshake agreement that the two sides would go there separate ways.

However, Vince McMahon then reportedly stepped in, according to the newsletter. McMahon ordered Mark Carrano of WWE Talent Relations to call Mysterio, and inform him that his deal would be extended one year thanks to a contract clause for injured competitors.

Mysterio remains out of action due to a hand injury, and was last on WWE programming during the “Monday Night Raw” after WrestleMania XXX.

Editor’s Note

Yikes, there’s a serious disconnect between Triple H and Vince McMahon. 

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  • ObsessiveFanBoy

    But that doesn’t make any sense. If the guy gets injured a lot why do they want him to make up for that time if he is likely to get injured again, causing the same problem all over again? In this case he’ll probably never get out of his contact because of that clause.

    • Týr

      Because of the lack of Latino wrestlers who can draw in the Latino viewers

      • ObsessiveFanBoy

        They have Sin Cara. At this point in Rey’s career he’s become more of a liability than an asset. They shouldn’t be investing in a guy that spends more time on the sidelines than he does in the ring.

        • Týr

          Sin Cara has never/will never be on Mysterio’s level of drawing in the crowds. They’ve already invested in Mysterio & are just trying to suck that well dry.

          • ObsessiveFanBoy

            Even at the expense of his health? Well aren’t they being greedy.

          • Týr

            I’m sure it wouldn’t just be wrestling matches. They may use him more for promotion gigs and what not. That being said, if he’s been collecting paychecks while injured, and this clause was in his contract, WWE has every right to hold on and get their money’s worth.

          • Dexter Sixx

            There was a report that Rey had stopped cashing WWEs checks…they were still being sent but he never even opened them.

        • MizzZanzaro

          Sin Cara has got nothing on Rey Mysterio.

      • bummed1

        As Mick Foley stated in his book, we’re not true athletes in the eyes of the public. We cannot take time off if we get hurt unless it’s really serious. The show must go on. The used Rey to that point where he cannot stay on top of that level any more. Yes, he can wrestle, but not at what Vince wants. Personally, would love to see Vince do the schedule he demands of the wrestlers and come back for more…..He can’t.

    • MizzZanzaro

      You expecting common sense from Vince McMahon?

  • Kevin Bowie

    Easiest way for Rey to get out of this contract clause would be to slap a non wrestler backstage employee.

  • I Am Spartacus

    Well then his problem is with Vince and Vince does what Vince wants to do. If Rey wants out so bad he should offer to pay back part of his contract during all that time he missed. Instead he collected a paycheck while being injured the whole time and just expected to dip out with no explanation and no formal exit for all of his fans.

  • TheVoiceofyWs

    Which is odd since Vince refused to talk to Angle about coming back because he said HHH handles superstar management now.

    • Dexter Sixx

      Now…but Vince can still run and operate the contracts he himself made as well as I would believe the ‘top draws’ Hogan, Flair, ‘Taker, Cena etc etc
      HHH probably runs and operates the contracts he himself made as well as I believe most of the NXT roster…minus the ones under contract with Vince whom ‘got sent back down to developmental.

  • MizzZanzaro

    McMahon just milking the Mysterio cow dry, that’s all.

  • JaimeS76

    Sin Cara, please, The real Sin Cara, The one that latinos cared for is gone. This Sin Cara is like The fake Diésel.

  • bummed1

    go there separate ways…think it’s go their separate ways…

    Anyway, Vince will do anything to hoard his product and not let anyone disrupt his circus. The fact that HHH actually wanted to be friends and do what is best for business is to let Rey do what he can while he still can. Rey hasn’t wrestled in a while and if it can help a faction that can really do no harm, then why not? Vince is proving beyond a doubt that his tactics, his playing with story lines, his wanting control over the whole 9 yards will prove to be a bad thing for business. This company cannot continue this way as it did in the 89’s and 90’s. There’s factions growing all over because some people would rather watch pure wrestling than a soap opera.

  • Oliver Acquart

    He should call stephanie McMahon a paisty honky on Twitter

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