Report: WWE Wants Chris Jericho Back -


Report: WWE Wants Chris Jericho Back


WWE wants Chris Jericho back according to the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The report claims that WWE officials have recently made phone calls to Jericho in an attempt to re-sign him to a deal.

Jericho reportedly turned down the offer to return at this time, due to his commitments to other projects right now. Jericho should never be ruled out for a future return, however. He keeps himself in phenomenal shape and always loves to come back when he has the time.

Jericho’s last run saw some memorable matches in 2013, most notably between CM Punk and Rob Van Dam. Jericho was discussed as someone the company would want to have at WrestleMania XXX, and a match proposed for the event featuring him was Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam. However, neither men appeared during WrestleMania XXX, although Van Dam was backstage at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on April 6.

Editor’s Note:

I love Chris Jericho. I’m a Jerichoholic. I’ll welcome him back any day of the week BAYY BAYYY!

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  • chung boy

    Talk is jericho podcast is great to listen too

  • Dunlap Gabriel

    another pointless editor’s comment.

  • bummed1

    Jericho is indeed a fun guy to watch in the ring or on the mike. He has that charisma that many others lack. Could be a great mentor for the youngsters. He still has a few good years left. So why not? WWE is bringing other talent that have less to offer than Chris.

  • Speakingplaintalk

    Any time with Jericho is magic and memorable.

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