Report: Vince McMahon Strongly Wants CM Punk Back in WWE, Ready to Bend Will -


Report: Vince McMahon Strongly Wants CM Punk Back in WWE, Ready to Bend Will


According to, Vince McMahon is nearing his breaking point on the CM Punk situation as he wants him to return to the company in a big way.

Punk was the second-highest merchandise seller behind John Cena at the time of his departure. It also upsets him a great deal knowing that the straight-edge superstar was going to be heavily featured in a high-profile match at WrestleMania 30, but those plans had to obviously be scrapped.

The CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment will be taking a more hands-on approach in trying to bring back Philip Brooks (CM Punk), instead of leaving the matter to his son-in-law Triple H.

HHH has taken Punk’s leaving more personally than expected. He’s obviously upset with the unprofessionalism that was on display, but knowing how Brooks was uncooperative in wanting to work out a match for the WM30 card has left a sour taste in his mouth.

If a match were to actually take place, the odds of Punk going over, especially with his contract coming to an end in July, are slim to none. Giving someone a rub on the biggest show of the year who’s just going to leave anyways over a guy who will be around for the long-term future (whether he’s a full-time performer or not) wouldn’t make sense.

The reason we haven’t seen a public burial on television is because McMahon has learned from similar situations in the past how to handle abrupt exits. To spare feelings incase a reconciliation is forged, we’ll likely never see negativity towards Punk on Monday Night RAW or Friday Night SmackDown.

There are many within WWE who believe that Punk will be away for quite some time, but with WM30 drawing ever closer, the Chairman of the Board will do everything in his power to bring one of his biggest stars back in time for the festivities.


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  • 30manContraCode

    If CM Punk waits until “after” his contract expires, than he could have left on more balanced terms (like Jeff Hardy did)

  • Padres4life

    if he comes back, what does he do? he’s not wrestling Triple H….i hope triple h puts over Bryan…but i’m lost my will on them ever doing right by him.

    • Chris L

      Remember how long hardy had to wait.. The long fight to the belt sells that whole underdog gimmick.. It’s what to do with him once he gets the belt. He’s no longer a underdog. And let’s be honest.. When wrestling fans finally get what they want.. It’s on to the next crusade. They let punk ride that long streak.. B4 it was over Bryan was everyone’s focus. Hope they just want to ride this underdog Bryan crap and are not completely blind. Maybe hire some ex wrestlers to help these ex soap writers.. Cuz sometimes the obvious is better

    • KingBack

      WWE is actually doing Bryan a favor.
      By screwing him over constantly it makes more people
      get behind Bryan because they feel with him + it gives the heels more heat.
      Trust me.. When Bryan becomes WWE World Heavyweight Champion someday the fans will already begin to turn on him and go along with the next guy (probably Reigns)

    • Joseph O’Rielly

      turn the batista randy orton fight into a 3 way match and have punk come out on top or let him end takers streak

  • Duh

    It was guarantee Punk wins, slim to none my ass!

  • scott preller

    they really need to give Bryan some good merch to buy, who the hell would wear a shirt or hat with a beard and goat on it?

    • Sean

      I did am I stupid for that

      • scott preller

        good for you but I would bet you’re in the minority

        • Hal Trapp

          Lots of bearded men would, and do, wear Respect the Beard shirts

    • Chris L

      That one with the flying cartoon goat on it was funny. I’d buy it.

    • William Usher

      That red leather, dragon jacket with the “YES!” on it is something I would buy in a heart beat if WWE had it in their shop. I was looking for it, too.

  • MCole40

    Ready to bend will huh? Just another click bait title. And I fell for it so haha to me. Things like this on these dirtsheets is why this is my 1st time on bleacherreport…

    • Jimmy

      This isn’t bleacherreport, dumbass. This is

      • IGBenoitRA

        He probably meant he saw a link to this on bleacher report

  • Mikey

    I hope he doesn’t come back not because I don’t like Punk he’s one of my favorites. I just think wwe doesn’t deserve talent like Punk. Bryan, or Ziggler.

    • Matt Zardoz

      Well said my friend. Well said. You took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Ken Kuhlman

      word is Bryan will leave and tag up with Puke as midget wrestlers in the circus

  • Sarhan

    This is a lie WWE won’t ask Cm Punk to come back because it will send the wrong message to the WWE locker room, NO one man is bigger than WWE and actually I have soureces that tolde me that WWE is not even regretting Cm Punk leaving

    • Pat willings

      You have zero sources telling you that, you giant slap ass!

      • Larry Butler

        I bet his sources are the same ones we have. Wrestling web sites.

  • urmomslover

    Cm punk will be back for wm30 , I bet he’ll be at raw when they go to chicago

  • Brian Ghattas

    I’m amazed by how many men jerk off to WWE yet refuse to come out of the closet. Lots of horny men who only prefer being in the company of other men because they hate women and want nothing to do with them among WWE fans.

    • Andrew Fate Tellier

      WWE has women fans and women wrestlers…My daughter is a huge fan of the WWE as is my wife….so you’re words are based on assumptions

    • Diablo130356

      @ Brian Ghattas: WHY, are YOU feeling lonely jerking off by yourself?

  • Larry Butler

    From what I understand, HHH is not planning on putting Daniel Bryan over either, so please stop with the “HHH doesn’t want to put him over because his contract is expiring” garbage. It has much more to do with “The Game” going out of his way to burying talent.

    • Brandon Burton

      Yeah, because HHH wants to bury everybody, huh? Let’s see Triple H has put over Benoit, Shelton Benjamin (Twice), Sheamus, and Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase beat him and Shawn Michaels clean in 2009. Never puts people over due to ego my *ss; he put those two scrubs in Benjamin and DiBiase, for crying out loud!

      • Romeo Montague

        U really mentioned HBK…?!

        • Brandon Burton

          Yes, he and HHH (DX) lost to Legacy (Rhodes and DiBiase), why would I not include him; he was in the match. I didn’t mean HHH put him over, I meant he and HHH (as DX) put over Legacy in their Submissions count anywhere match.

      • TheWolf31

        Your version of putting over is way different from mine…

        • Brandon Burton

          How so? HHH lost two title matches in a row to Benoit on PPV; Benjamin went over him clean in two straight weeks on Raw in 05 (or maybe late 04, not quite sure when it exactly was); he did beat Sheamus at WM, but Sheamus beat him at Extreme Rules right after that; and Legacy (Rhodes/DiBiase) beat DX (HHH/HBK) clean via SUBMISSION at SummerSlam 2009. How exactly are those not examples of HHH putting other wrestlers over?

          • TheWolf31

            Ok and where exactly are those guys now? Putting a guy or for 2 weeks is not enough to make them a huge thing. And if you don’t recall (because I do) Triple H utterly Buried Dibiase like on the last week before Wrestlemania. Now maybe he Did put people over, Ok but it probably is much smaller than the many he’s buried.

          • Brandon Burton

            This is my last reply, but I’m just going to put this out there. If HHH was the up and comer, while Bryan, Ziggler, or Punk were the established stars; and they “buried” (Which, by the way, doesn’t mean just beating somebody in a match; therefore HHH didn’t bury Punk), HHH the way that he supposedly did to others, none of you super-marks would complain. It is absolute hypocrisy.

          • TheWolf31

            neverI’m sure you would notice it.ade any specific accusations on who he’s buried, but it is painfully obvious that he has. But tell me this, how exactly is a guy like Ziggler going to bury someone like triple h? It’s not like Ziggler is Triple H’s boss who can just throw they’re weight around whenever he pleases. Triple H has power and definitely imposes it. I mean just look at him. And I’m sure you would notice it.

  • Richard Sattanni


  • Richard Sattanni

    Where the hell is JERICHO ?HE is a crowd puller.HE is an asset to WWE.VINCE get JERICHO back and get some flash back and good wrestling bouts.GET rid of FADANGO -him anf SUMMER RAY add zero to entertaining me as a fan of WWE.Wake up VINCE and give the fans more bang for their buck in pay per view and live shows.Jesus you should know the business by now.

    • Andrew Fate Tellier

      He is doing his own thing, he comes and goes as he pleases because he has earned that.

      • Richard Sattanni

        ANDREW thanx for the responses to my statements.I am a pro writer/freelancewriter/not a wrestler
        but remember ANDREW one thing writers’ have their own
        opinions wheter you agree with me or not.
        I’M a big fan of WWE and have followed it for years and I
        don’t live in the past but do respect the wrestlers who earned their stripes.

        • Andrew Fate Tellier

          But you have to understand, guys like Jericho, Hart, HBK, Undertaker have been wrestling forever (especially in Bret Hart’s case), so your body gets tired and most of them don’t want to end up like Hulk Hogan, which I don’t blame them. So you want someone who is probably feeding a family (Fandango) to get fired just because you don’t like him, you don’t speak for everyone. And this way of thinking is what’s wrong with America. I don’t like it, so get rid of it, screw everyone else.

        • Diablo130356

          @ Richard Sattanni: It seems that standards of journalism among wrestling writers have dropped EVEN lower than they were before, judging by your opinion only, rather than factual comments here!

          Everything fans dislike in WWE today are not ALL down to Triple H, but rather the direction the company is going in general. A regular hard working allround talent like Punk is someone WWE should be encouraging and keeping, instead of bringing in and pushing ex stars and part timers over them straight to the top.

          I have no objection to Batista returning, like most fans. What I do object to is both him and Christian suddenly reappearing and going straight to the top at the Elimination Chamber match. The biggest stars should be in that match, with the other late comers having to earn their way back up again, even if that way back up was accelerated it would be more acceptable?

          There should be two EC matches as there used to be in a ppv of that name, one for the WWEHC belt and one for the next # 1 contenders, since the title unification because there are plenty that deserve that shot like Ziggler and Cesaro to name just two?

          • Andrew Fate Tellier

            The Royal Rumble determines the #1 contender for the WWE WHC, so why have a 2nd EC match?

  • Richard Sattanni

    WHO HIRED THE WYATT FAMILY?They are no wrestlers,nor even fun to watch.What were your writers thinking putting these three misfits in the ring?

    • Andrew Fate Tellier

      Bray Wyatt’s real name is Wyndham Rotundo is the son of Mike IRS Rotundo, and is the grandson of Blackjack Mulligan, Bray’s uncles are Barry (of the Horsemen) and Kendall Windham…his brother is Bo Dallas…so he is more of a wrestler than you’ll ever be

      • adztheman

        The Wyatts are one of the best things WWE has done in a long, long time..great storyline, excellent gimmick..all three guys can do some decent work in the ring..Rotundo is great on the mic..

  • Richard Sattanni

    WWE has lost its’glow.With BRET HART GONE,HBK gone,who else is going to give us our moneys’ worth?

    • Andrew Fate Tellier

      Bret Hart had a career ending concussions due to a botch by Goldberg and HBK is retired, wrestlers get old like everyone else and/or injured and they retire and do other things… I am sure people said the same thing when Sammartino retired and was replaced by Hulk Hogan, stop living in a time warp and grow up

  • Fred alperin

    Just get Batista out of here

  • dhildemann

    ‘Anyways’ is not a word. Stop using it.

  • Greatness

    I hope punk shows up in new orleans ill be there

  • Zackry

    I hope he will return at the 2015 Royal Rumble as the 30th entrant and win it.

  • bummed1

    Let’s get punk back in the mix and stop all the petty stuff. Punk has had some of the best matches, not only on pay per view, but also on regular raw and smackdown. He can do what many others cannot.

  • Danul Nashua

    Lol of course HHH is mad, someone called him what he is, played out at Wrestlemania, I couldn’t care less if I never saw HHH at WM again!

  • Mary Dowling

    I’ll go ALONG with THAT also Matt Zardoz

    • Mary Dowling

      I would LOVE 2 see CM PUNK come back 2 WWE.

  • Ken Kuhlman

    dont do it Vince you are better off without Puke

  • kp

    Wwe don’t need no duche bag like CM Punk. Undertaker rock and others didn’t always main event PPVS. So I hope the nasty looking tattoo bastard don’t come back. His ass been sloppy since he became WWE Champion. He not that good he no SCSA.

  • keith b

    Punk, please go to Impact Wrestling. I wanna see Punk vs. Aries.

  • chien_clean

    Pull Christian out of the Elimination Chamber, put Punk in.

    BOTH Punk and Bryan win the title. Vince shows up on RAW saying the belts will be split for the time being Punk having the WWE title, Bryan the World title. Then you do a two-match elimination at Mania: WWE championship match Punk vs Batista, World title match Bryan vs Lesnar. The winner of both matchs will face each other for a reunification match. And it’s Punk vs Ryan for all the marbles.

  • Pati Rockwell

    I used to worship the ground HHH walked on-not anymore! He’s nothing but a corporate slob who’s out for no one but himself. GOOD FOR BUSINESS—PUNK’s great for business(great crowd pleaser,great fighter,great on the mic,great merchandise mover)
    GET PUNK BACK (even though you probably don’t DESERVE him!)

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