Report: Referee Chad Patton Had No Idea He Would Deliver the Three-Count that Would End the Streak -


Report: Referee Chad Patton Had No Idea He Would Deliver the Three-Count that Would End the Streak


According to a new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, referee Chad Patton had no idea he would deliver the three-count that would end the Streak at WrestleMania XXX. Patton, who officiated the Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar bout on April 6, was actually told the Undertaker would be going over and the Streak would remain in tact prior to the match beginning.

The report claims that Patton was informed that the Undertaker would be going-over in the match, which is why so many people noticed Patton hesitate on the last count at the finish. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter says Patton, “hit the mat once, and then twice, and then didn’t know what to do.”

Just like every fan that was in attendance for WrestleMania XXX in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on April 6, Patton believed that the result of this match was a given from day one. Undertaker wins, the Streak extends to 22-0. However, whether Vince McMahon changed the finish, or Undertaker selected Lesnar himself to be the one to make history that night, the arena stood frozen for what seemed like hours when the final slap of the mat occurred.

Even though Patton was told Undertaker would be the victor of the match, every WWE referee is told to abide by an even greater rule than the pre-planned finish. If the guy that is supposed to win doesn’t kick out of a pin, you must continue the count and award the victory to the other superstar. The slight hesitation from Patton was a result from him not wanting to be the guy that screws up and gives the Undertaker his first loss unwillingly, but once he waited long enough to give ‘Taker a chance to kick out and he did not, he made the third count.

Many reports claim the Undertaker picked Lesnar himself to be the man that would end the Streak, however a new report claims that McMahon wanted it to end at WrestleMania XXX and had to convince Undertaker to go along with it. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims that the honor of being the one that ended the most prestigious scripted Streak in the history of sports would have gone to whoever was booked against the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX, as McMahon wanted to end it there.

The report also claims that only the Undertaker, McMahon, Lesnar, and a few others know for sure why the Streak ended at WrestleMania XXX, and why a part-timer such as Brock Lesnar was given the rub, but if you watch closely once Patton slaps the mat a third time, you can see Lesnar whisper to the Undertaker a “thank you,” proving that at least those two knew the finish prior to the end of the bout.

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Editor’s Note: I’ll never forget what it was like to stand in the Superdome with that many people in shock as Brock Lesnar conquered the Streak. We saw the confused count of three, and stood there waiting for some clarity. The answer for us was a big graphic on the screen above the mat that said “21-1,” and as that graphic sat there, with Lesnar’s music NOT playing for 15-20 seconds, it really made you feel like this wasn’t supposed to happen. They even removed the graphic for about 8-10 seconds, then put it back up and started Lesnar’s music. That’s when the words “OH MY GOD” could be heard all over the arena, as well as boos, and a good number of people began heading to their cars. I’ll never forget that moment.

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  • Digger

    I watched several replays of the three count, there is no noticeable delay in the count.

    • Shut Up Stupid

      Exactly what I said. People make up such bullshit. Nor did I see Lesnar whisper anything to ‘Taker.

      • Madyan

        No, I heard Undertaker whisper to Brock right before he carries him to do the Tombstone that Lesnar countered, but I couldn’t
        make out what he said

    • Madyan

      That’s what I was going to say as well

    • urban

      Tell em brother these jabroni’s need to get their facts right know their role or shut their damn mouth.

  • Steve

    Right ok watch the match again especially the end, their is definitely no hesitation on the 3 count no idea why you can say that whatc it with your own eyes but it was a straight easy 3, also right before taker picks Lesnar up for the tombstone and reversal to the F-5, taker clearly says “End This” like “are you ready to end this” or “ok let’s End This” something like that but the last 2 words are definitely End This and Lesnar says “Yeah”, then After the F-5 before Lesnar pins taker you can just about hear Lesnar say Thank You, ppl should be smart enough to watch it and say know what you can see these things happen, where not supposed to hear it but sometimes we do, I do believe only a few ppl knew especially the 3 men in the ring and the 3 McMahon’s(HHH) included, I also believe taker and Lesnar are good friends and taker choose Lesnar to end it and then retire, without much persuasion McMahon would’ve agreed especially for the 30th mania, Lesnar was the right guy to do it, Taker would’ve have chosen him, and all this part time stuff is shit, we haven’t seen taker in over 4 years apart from at mania, and aren’t most wrestlers part time apart from the top 5 as they get most tv time the rest we hardly see, come on be smart enough to know how things work if you are a true fan and don’t listen to shitty rumours and especially to shit ppl like this who write these dumb articles, how they get these jobs is beyond me, sometimes I wish I was the employee to actually write some sense and truth.

    • CornbreadDamnitCornbread

      How many places are you going to post this? Also, next time, spell check.

    • Commie90

      So there’s this thing called a period (it looks like this: .). It’s used to help convey meaning, break up thoughts and generally make your ideas more readable. You should look into it. Might make you sound less like a rambling lunatic, add a little credibility ya now. Just going to throw that one out there.

      • Jake Gibson

        Really? This is a terribly crafted paragraph just so ya “now”.

  • brandtwr

    There is no noticeable hesitstion and he does not whisper “thank you” I think wrestling reporters are the worste because they pretty much go completely off rumors for information.

    • Marc Aces

      exactly. not once did i see him whisper anything.

  • LeBron

    i think the count might have even been kinda quick if u ask me

  • ShadowNextGen

    The really brief delay was weird and I didn’t know what I was seeing. I did notice Brock quick say something to Taker which was, apparently, “Thank You”. Ending the streak was still a really dumb call by McMahon.

  • urban

    It was just a awful decision however way you look at it Vince made a huge mistake a sad day in the wrestling world The following Raw was actually better than wrestlemania something is clearly not right there, rumble was shit too there have been smackdowns better than the rumble it needs to change, give cm punk a position in management i guran-damn-tee the pay per views will be a lot better

  • TheRawTruth

    Like others have said, there was NO hesitation in that three-count. I mean ZERO. Watch it again. He counts 1, 2, 3, then gets up to signal the bell like any referee does once a match is over. I also think Michael Cole knew the streak would end, so not ALL of the announcers were kept in the dark. Maybe Justin Roberts (the RING announcer) and even the guys ready to cue the music were in the dark, but I do believe at least Cole knew. He’s the play-by-play man. Plus, his reaction isn’t one of shock, confusion, or surprise. (Remember JR after the screwjob? Yeah. THAT was confusion.)

    Either way, this article is BS.

  • broadwaynight

    The finish of this match was like the night Bruno lost to Ivan Koloff at Madison Square Garden. It wasn’t supposed to happen. Nobody takes the title from Bruno and nobody ends the Undertaker’s streak.

  • Mike

    I just read an entire article made up of fabricated information. Clearly NO hesitation in the count and clearly NO whisper made by Brock to Undertaker after the match was over.

    How can you even write any of this?

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