Report: Kurt Angle Claims He Will Be Returning to WWE in September


Kurt Angle continues to claim that he will return to WWE once his current contract with TNA Wrestling has expired. is reporting that two different people who attended the “Arnold Classic” in Columbus, Ohio on March 1 have stated that Angle was telling those around him that he will be returning to WWE in September, which is when his current TNA contract will be complete.

As we previously reported, Angle has been quite open about his desire to return to WWE once his current run with TNA is over. In a recent interview with The SunAngle discusses whether or not a return to WWE is in his future or not. Angle says,

“I can’t say when. Not just from a personal standpoint, but I don’t know. My contract is up in September and I’ve left my options open. I’m very happy in TNA. Dixie Carter’s been awesome, she’s treated me very well and always been there for me. She’s been a great boss, great leader, but I can’t lie to myself anymore. I can’t lie to TNA. I can’t like to WWE. Yeah, there is that desire to go back. I just don’t know when. It could be this year. It could be next year. I don’t know when.”

Angle goes on to say that he believes this desire comes from “unfinished business” with WWE, stating that he wants to be remembered by his last run. Angle claims he could return this year, or in three years, but he looks forward to facing certain performers in WWE, such as CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Triple H. In reference to Triple H, Angle says that he can’t even imagine how great of a match he would have with Triple H now that they are both seasoned wrestlers, and alludes to the two men competing at WrestleMania.