Report: Kurt Angle Claims He Will Be Returning to WWE in September -


Report: Kurt Angle Claims He Will Be Returning to WWE in September


Kurt Angle continues to claim that he will return to WWE once his current contract with TNA Wrestling has expired. is reporting that two different people who attended the “Arnold Classic” in Columbus, Ohio on March 1 have stated that Angle was telling those around him that he will be returning to WWE in September, which is when his current TNA contract will be complete.

As we previously reported, Angle has been quite open about his desire to return to WWE once his current run with TNA is over. In a recent interview with The SunAngle discusses whether or not a return to WWE is in his future or not. Angle says,

“I can’t say when. Not just from a personal standpoint, but I don’t know. My contract is up in September and I’ve left my options open. I’m very happy in TNA. Dixie Carter’s been awesome, she’s treated me very well and always been there for me. She’s been a great boss, great leader, but I can’t lie to myself anymore. I can’t lie to TNA. I can’t like to WWE. Yeah, there is that desire to go back. I just don’t know when. It could be this year. It could be next year. I don’t know when.”

Angle goes on to say that he believes this desire comes from “unfinished business” with WWE, stating that he wants to be remembered by his last run. Angle claims he could return this year, or in three years, but he looks forward to facing certain performers in WWE, such as CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Triple H. In reference to Triple H, Angle says that he can’t even imagine how great of a match he would have with Triple H now that they are both seasoned wrestlers, and alludes to the two men competing at WrestleMania.

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  • jessica

    “: Report: Kurt Angle Claims He Will Be Returning to #WWE in September – – #News This better be true!!

  • VG


  • kongg

    I can’t see TNA surviving much longer after angle leaves

  • Emeka chukwu

    that will complete the pack

  • Emeka chukwu

    that will complete the pack

  • BrettHD

    There goes next years Royal Rumble down the drain

  • Not Regal

    “: Report: Kurt Angle Claims He Will Be Returning to #WWE in September – – #News” @mare_bare

  • Not Regal

    “: Report: Kurt Angle Claims He Will Be Returning to #WWE in September – – #News” @mare_bare

  • Joshua

    Sorry to say Angle but WWE is not the same as was when you left; I doubt he would be used properly.

  • jrock2310

    best for business.

  • Russell Karnes

    we will see

  • Russell Karnes

    we will see

  • Zap Rowsdower

    Well guess I’ll have to use this site since WZ banned me, wtf… Anyway hello all!!!

    • Screaming Time Wizard

      They do that, often for very bad reasons, like pointing out errors, or for calling Batista a metrosexual apparently. I’m sorry that I don’t live in a fantasy world like wz writers and miss do.

  • CW

    Apparently, Bleacher Report isn’t the only one irresponsibly using headlines to coax people into clicking a link. The headline erroniously claims that Angle said he IS returning to WWE this September. He never actually stated that. He said it could be this year, but it might be next year, or even three years from now. He’s leaving his options open.

  • Some Dude

    Not sure if this is a good thing or bad.

  • Marco Pedini


  • Marcello Pedini


  • Farhad Authentic Ahmed

    I almost cried reading this…PLEASEEEEE COME BACK KURT ANGLE!!! This will be nothing short of EPIC if he returns this year!

  • bummed1

    It’s pretty much on the writings on the wall. TNA is hurting and to cut a salary like Angle’s would help them out. Angle will probably make more in WWE. He is a great worker and a seasoned veteran, so should fit in with the current WWE wrestlers with no problem.

  • Venomn

    Angle vs HHH at Wrestlemania 31 would be awesome

  • Sabreena Martinez

    i want to see Kurt Angle vs Jack Swagger

  • Jake Bourne

    In survivor series 2014

    Kurt Angle vs Alexander Rusev
    (Usa vs Moscow )
    Flag match part 2 tribut for jack swagger !!!!
    Alright ?

  • Bobby Lashley

    Kurt angle vs kurt angldow Damien Sandow dressed up as kurt angle?

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