Report: Alberto Del Rio To TNA? -


Report: Alberto Del Rio To TNA?


TNA representatives have reached out to Alberto Del Rio, according to reports.

Del Rio was released from WWE on Thursday after an altercation with an employee during a television taping. It’s thought that TNA attempted to contact Del Rio just minutes after the announcement of his release.

In a post on the F4W forums, Dave Meltzer confirmed that TNA staff had indeed tried to get in contact with Del Rio, with a view to bringing in the former WWE Champion at the company’s next television taping.

It’s speculated that TNA may be looking at this and other options in a move to appease Spike after reports that the company cancelled their television deal last month, however Meltzer also notes that Del Rio will likely have a ninety-day no compete clause, effectively ruling out a move to TNA any time soon.


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  • P-JAY

    not surprised @IMPACTWRESTLING really love @WWE “LEFTOVERS”

    • Ricky Scott Tummons

      There always doing this that’s why tna are in the position there in at the moment

      • Jimmy


        • Ricky Scott Tummons

          I know just couldn’t be bothered lol

          • There, They’re, Their Police

            Wow. That’s sad.

  • Dick Dickerson

    I, Dick Dickerson do not condone of Del Rio dicking around. It was a dick move to be racy, but man whoever fired Del Rio is a dick.


    Mr. Richard Dickie Dickerson

  • TheRealityEra

    Saw this coming…

  • Meerkatx

    If Del Rio was fired and he was smart he made sure that in case of being fired the no compete clause would be null and void.

  • Raihan Khan

    thats why TNA suck. They always wait for wwe to release some stars so they can get them and burn them. TNA cant creat own stars like wwe did and doing.

    • Týr

      WWE is also an established machine that has been around for far longer than TNA and has way more money and a bigger following than TNA does. Such a young company doesn’t have as many options as the WWE does. They’re going to try and bring in the biggest names available to help increase their profits/ratings.

      • Raihan Khan

        tna still suck. they brought angle, nash, sting, hogan but nothing happened. Dixie carter is so bad. She doesnt know know how to treat stars. Vince is wayyyyyyyyy better thats why wwe started from nothing and now a huge brand and tna started from nothing and still nothing

  • Owen

    Thank god his gone now all the focuse doesn’t have to be on himthis is what happened when he cam ???? then now ????

  • Týr

    If the story is true, can’t really blame the guy for defending his honor. Del Rio smacked a b1tch who was talking down to him and his people

  • Dave smith

    lol im fed up with John cena and randy orton always getting the belt yes they are the main stars but what about the mid carders

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