Reason Behind the Firing of "RAW's" Head Writer -


Reason Behind the Firing of “RAW’s” Head Writer


The latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has provided an insider look at the reason behind the firing of “RAW’s” Head Writer, Jay Gibson. As previously reported, Gibson was one of the many WWE employees released recently. However, WWE CEO Vince McMahon made the decision to fire Gibson based off performance, while the other releases, in terms of talent, were said to have been made due to budgetary purposes.

According to the report, there should not be a major change in the direction of WWE television, as McMahon has had the final say on everything making it to TV anyway. McMahon’s influence on WWE TV was said to be very apparent during the June 16 edition of “Monday Night Raw,” as the segment that saw Stephanie McMahon vomit on Vickie Guerrero was said to be one that he came up with.

While McMahon enjoys this sort of campy entertainment, Triple H was reportedly against the segment. Triple H would like to see WWE programming become more wrestling based, where stories would be told in the ring, than entertainment-based. Currently, there are more backstage segments and in-ring promos than matches, which Triple H feels can be a little much at times. Stories can be told through matches and in-ring confrontation, and Triple H would love to push the product more in that direction.

The report also mentions that Gibson’s tenure as Head Writer for “RAW” was a mere five months. Although labeled “Head Writer,” Gibson’s actual role saw him managing the other writers, not writing himself.  According to sources within the company, Gibson knew very little about the product, history, and what works well in professional wrestling. His opinions would be looked down on at times because of this fact.

Editor’s Note:
Wow. Five months, eh? Such a turnover in that office.

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  • jkinjr

    It goes to show that there are some major egos going on within the McMahons, as to why WWE can’t have guys that have been bookers and writers and know the business throughout. I hope HHH (the real-life executive) can take over this company sooner than later. He’s more realistic as to the direction of the business.

  • TheRealityEra

    I Think Vince needs to realize something regarding how the talent, Triple H, and maybe even Steph, They no longer see him as a leader anymore…his age is getting to him.

    Also if Vince fired the writer because he didn’t know anything about WWE, than shouldn’t that mean at least a majority them are out of the job soon?

    • Jimmy

      Grammar is your friend. You should get to know him.

      • vegeta

        My Dick, you should get to know him.

        • Jimmy

          Haha good one.

  • Warren

    Amazing HHH feelings about the skits, when that is one if the main reasons he got over with the community

    • Droppo

      True, but think about all the times DX or he alone worked in the ring to tell a story or do their promo out there in front of the crowd instead of in the locker room. He did both, of course, but there was a lot in the ring both promo and during and after matches.

  • Droppo

    Problem number one: why did they hire him in the first place if he doesn’t know the product? There have to be writers out there who happen to also know a lot about WWE. They have millions of fans over the years.

    • TheRealityEra

      Your trying to give Common Sense and Logic to a Company run by a senile business man whose no longer thinks with Logic

      • Jimmy


      • Jimmy

        Why did you capitalize common sense, logic, and company? Also, the word “whose” isn’t correct there. Damn dude, you’re an idiot.

        • TheRealityEra

          I know what game your trying to play, it won’t work on me, because there’s this thing called learning from our mistakes and improving our writing. I’m certain the writers on here, and all over the internet made mistakes in their writing and improved on it, if you want to give constructive criticism fine, but if you instead want to troll to anger people, it won’t work on me. Better luck next time Jimmy.

          • Jimmy

            Actually I was just pointing out your idiocy because you clearly weren’t aware of your subpar spelling and grammar abilities. Also, you should have put “you’re” instead of “your” in the first sentence of your reply. So apparently learning from mistakes isn’t one of your virtues. It’s not my fault you’re stupid.

          • Matt

            Actually, you should have inserted two commas of your own after the words “actually” and “so” (or, if you want to be a REAL dick about it, like I do, you would eliminate the word “so” and make the sentence read as “Apparently, learning from mistakes isn’t one of your virtues.”)

            By your own logic, you are hereby to be known as a complete and total dumbass… mentally inferior to me in every single way. Enjoy being a moron, if your moronic brain can figure out how to enjoy things. Stupid.

          • Jimmy

            I know the difference between your and you’re. Why did it take you two weeks to respond? I’m guessing you had to find someone willing to write a response for you? Yes, I do want to be a dick. I look forward to your reply in a couple weeks.

  • BigDick

    Are my boys and me really the only ones who were laughing our asses of when the vomit-segment aired ?? Can’t believe that…

  • Me

    if he didn’t know much about the business, why was he hired in the first place? This is just a way for Vince to blame someone other than himself for wwe’s booking problems. It’s not all on creative… Vince is losing touch with his audience. It’s gonna get way worse before it gets better.

    • TheRealityEra

      Yeah, I don’t get what’s wrong with Vince lately but the roster and Triple H are becoming increasingly fed up with his recent actions, I’m just going to say Vince should break his vow of continuing this job till he passes and just retire before he ruins his reputation and legacy any further.

  • Melissa

    If Mr. Gibson knew little of the product, its history, or what works well within the industry then why was he hired to begin with?

  • Rated Republican

    The main point is that the guy should have been out the door the day they found out that he knew absolutely NOTHING about World Wrestling Entertainment, the highest rated show on cable tv.

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