Panic Setting in With WWE Over Creative Plans


According to F4WOnline, there is said to be a lot of panic within WWE due to its creative team and their plans. The website is reporting that when the decision was made to have Big Show challenge WWE Champion Randy Orton for his title at Survivor Series, it would lead to an even bigger match at the upcoming TLC pay-per-view with Big Show going up against Triple H.

However, a few days prior to Survivor Series, the plan was nixed. Instead, the creative team was planning on having Randy Orton and Big Show go against each other once again at TLC, this time in a Tables Match. This may explain why Big Show chokeslammed Orton through a table on a previous edition Monday Night Raw. Obviously, this plan was also nixed as Orton will go up against World Heavyweight Champion John Cena at TLC.

Another idea that ended up falling through was having Big E. Langston turn heel for the TLC pay-per-view and challenge World Heavyweight Champion John Cena.

One WWE source told F4WOnline the following on the situation:

“The creative team is burnt out and scared. Scared of who might not be there too much longer. Not the type of stress that anyone wants during the holiday season.”