News on Jeff Jarrett’s New Wrestling Promotion


Throughout the past few months, Wrestling Rumors has noted that former TNA figurehead and world champion Jeff Jarrett has put the wheels in motion to start another new wrestling promotion. has provided a further update.

According to the report, Jarrett is set to have a photo-shoot with a “major” production company relatively soon, which will in turn get the wheel going behind the new promotion. There is expected to be some kind of announcement in the near-future, perhaps as early as April, as to what the status of the project is.

He recently chatted with fans at an appearance and claimed that good wrestling storytelling could be told on any night of the week, which a recent report indicated as a tease for a Tuesday night live show. This, however, was apparently taken out of context.

Jarrett previously teased big things for the promotion with an interview that was set to be released online. It has also been rumored that country star and good friend Toby Keith has been linked to the project, and may help with some of the financing of it.

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