New Orleans Wants WrestleMania to Return -


New Orleans Wants WrestleMania to Return


WAFB in Baton Rouge, La. has posted an article this morning reflecting on the experience that was WrestleMania XXX weekend, and the positives that the event brought to New Orleans.

According to the report, New Orleans city official Mark Romig believes NOLA is interested in bringing back WrestleMania once more.

After the festivals wrap up in a couple months, city leaders say they’ll start looking ahead. In 2017, the city hopes to land the men’s Final Four college basketball championship games. And 2018 will hopefully bring a Super Bowl. That leaves 2019 wide open.

“We want WWE back,” said Romig.

In order for that to be possible, WWE would need to ask the city to submit a bid for what would be WrestleMania XXXV. The committee that planned this past event had been working on logistics for the past five years.

A video providing more information about the success of the event within the city can be found below.

WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, Sports

Editor’s Note

Having been there in attendance, New Orleans was undoubtedly a suitable host for WrestleMania XXX. The people were great, and the Superdome was an ideal venue to hold a crowd of 75,000+. I would definitely back a return to the area.

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  • Skuddah

    Fuck Nola. They barely reacted to anything not involving Daniel Bryan or screaming CM Punk when its not the WWE’s not other wrestlers fault. Come to Philly or NYC for some actual decent fans. Chicago’s normally great too but they won’t shut up about Punk either.

    • arab

      Man u better watch yo damn mouth talking bout my city like dat

      • Atn

        Stfu fuck ur city

        • warrior

          Look out everyone, we’ve got a badass over here.

      • Lupe

        He wouldnt be tlkin about your city if it werent true

    • skux

      Can’t blame the fans.
      The arena is too open, very easy to lose the sound. The fans are just as keen as those in NY or Philly.

    • Philip27

      Have you been to the Superdome? That building is fuckin’ enormous!!! It’s REALLY huge!!!

      It’s not easy for the sound to be transmitted to the TV screen in a building like this (many Wrestlemanias have had this issue)…

      • Lupe

        WM 30 can always be rembered as one of the worst Wrestlemania ever even if They try to make it look like The best Wrestlemnaia ever the truth is clear it was Bad

      • Skuddah

        I have been once and its a beautiful stadium but not for WM. Fans were garbage and as I previously said only reactrd to DB or Punk. You can literally see them all sitting and not paying attention 80% of the time. WWE put on a poor show to start but NOLA did nothing to help.

  • Soulkeeper

    Come to MSG

    • nsuviolin

      Wrestlemania has outgrown MSG, unfortunately.

  • Rize the Producer

    just throwing it out there, but here in australia weve got bigger stadiums, the anz stadium if built to host wrestlmania could easily hold up to 80,000. plus were a more ruckus crowd television would be amazing. ahhh a man can dream

  • Lupe

    After all That B.S that happened at wrestlemania 30 all the DB chants in other matchs and the undertaker losing why? should they go to New orleans agiain? They should have wrestlemania at places where fans are respectful

    • nsuviolin

      Reactions of shock and anger to the streak ending would’ve happened anywhere. NO ONE was expecting it.

      • chadwick cantwell

        I was. taker reuined his legacy by putting over lesners punkass

  • Kyle White

    Honestly NOLA is great. But other deserving cities lik STL and Indianapolis who can hold WM should get it before Nola gets it’s again.

    • adztheman

      Surprised that St Louis has never expressed an interest in hosting Wrestlemania..Boston wants major sporting events, and WM could use Gillette Stadium as a venue that would work even in early April..

      • Kyle White

        I believe St. Louis tried to get WM 28, but was out bided. I can see WM going to Boston soon too.

        • Dexter Sixx

          *Returning to Boston

          The ‘Austin Era’ began there when he won the title off of HBK thanks to Tyson.

          • Kyle White

            I do know WM has been to Boston before..

      • Dexter Sixx

        *Returning to Boston

        The ‘Austin Era’ began there when he won the title off of HBK thanks to Tyson..

  • Matts Pizza

    The fans were great. The facility was lousy. Cramped. Long lines. Pushing. Everything but Superdome worked.

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