Major Update on CM Punk's Expiring Contract and WWE Payback Plans -


Major Update on CM Punk’s Expiring Contract and WWE Payback Plans


WWE Superstar CM Punk’s days in the company may be coming to an end, and reports that the company also may milk every bit of him that they can.

The site reports that the Payback pay-per-view will once again be held in Chicago, Ill., as it was last year. As many are aware, Chicago is the hometown of the former WWE Champion of 434 days. Last year, the event was built primarily around his return after a few months off from the ring. But things could be different this time around.

Punk’s contract reportedly expires in July of this year, one month after the event is held. As we mentioned earlier this month, there are supposedly major plans for CM Punk going forward for this upcoming summer, which may even include a follow up to the 2011 “Summer of Punk” storyline that was featured on WWE television. If this is the case, Payback will likely once again be primarily focused around him.

In that story, Punk walked out on WWE following the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, also held in Chicago. It is possible WWE may try something similar, especially as he is currently locked in a feud with The Authority. This current feud may lead to a match at WrestleMania with Triple H.

While many do expect Punk to re-sign, he has mentioned in the past he will walk away when he wants to and does not wish to become someone living in the past. It will be interesting to see this latest saga unfold.

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  • Mike Honcho

    I remember hearing about CM Punk’s contract back around SummerSlam. I kind of forgot about it but it just dawned on me again a couple days ago once the reports that HHH vs Punk at ‘Mania could lead to another “Summer or Punk.”
    Any news on what Punk is expected to do?

    • Mike Honcho

      Personally I’d say he takes a few months off to recover from his injuries before re-signing. It does conflict with the rumors of Punk vs Batista @ SummerSlam culminating the Summer of Punk/Authority storyline.

  • Tyler Sjolsvold

    has anyone even thought of the idea of having HHH be a surprise entrant. Have him and Punk be the last two still in. Both HHH and Cm Punk feet hit the floor at the same time and have the Rumble end in Controversy. Have punk Vs HHH at the Elimination chamber for the chance to face the champ at WM 30?

    • alberto

      I’m pretty sure HHH had an idea like that at some point because of his massive ego but even he realized that it was indeed a very bad idea.

  • Chris Jericho

    If HHH doesn’t put Punk over, he should leave.

  • Albert Sneed

    Shamus will be the one

  • Ravi Parekh

    Such an inefficient article. “Punks contract ends in July and he could walk away. Lets all wait and see”. That is all you had to write for the article

  • Ken Kuhlman

    I would love to see Puke out of wrestling he is ruining it along with goatface for me

    • Reese Copeland

      so who do you like then??? The Great Khali?? Hornswoggle??

      • Ken Kuhlman

        i prefer guys like Taker, Cena, Orton,HHH, Lesnar, You know guys you would want on your side in a real fight

        • Reese Copeland

          those r the guys that usually get their a**es handed to them n a fight with exception of hhh and taker. I bet my life Punk and DB could throw down. Jus like Y2J v. Goldberg. Jericho handled his a** #legit. The smaller guys are usually the real a** kickers

    • Kubes

      You obviously aren’t a fan of wrestling then. The only good wrestler you named were Taker and Lesner, other guys don’t do anything but have people in creative and higher ups push them coz of their body’s. If they were in the Indys they wouldn’t last. They’re amature body builders. No talent compared to Punk, Bryan, Cesaro, Seth Rollins. They have “the look” not technical skills.

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