Jim Ross Criticizes the RAW Broadcast Team -


Jim Ross Criticizes the RAW Broadcast Team


There is a new blog posting on JRsBarBQ.com where WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross criticizes the RAW broadcast team. The Monday Night Raw color commentary crew, which consists of Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and JBL, was said to create “disconnect” for Ross as he watches the program.

When talking about the work these three men do on Monday nights, Ross said,

“I have great admiration for the RAW announce team, they are all men that I respect and consider to be friends… However, when these men are encouraged to talk about matters that are unrelated to any significant to what I’m seeing on the screen it becomes a disconnect for me. If I am watching the TV and my eyes are processing what I am seeing but audibly I am hearing another story then which source of info do I process and retain?

I know times have changed since my ‘heyday’ but I feel, rightly or wrongly, that some fundamental matters don’t change. When the video and the audio combine to create that memorable ‘tag team,’ then a sports entertainment/pro wrestling broadcast creates ‘moments’ and lasting memories. Actually that goes for any entity including NFL and UFC.”


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  • http://twitter.com/5CornersxSmootx Jeven W.

    Sounds like JR has seen #Commenhatin. RT Jim Ross Criticizes the RAW Broadcast Team – http://t.co/JytwKuRIPK – #News #WWE

  • mudavyne893

    I have to agree with JR, when announcers start talking about other subjects I find myself tuning them out or even hitting mute.

  • Dalinkwent

    Jim Ross is right. With the constant recaps WWE has become flooded with, I don’t need the commentators going on and on about something that already happened or hasn’t happened yet while a match is going on. Its ridiculous.

  • ShatteredDreams420

    Agreed 100%. I don’t know how many more times Michael Cole can mention that the WWE title is being held in abeyance.

  • Fred Stevens @TKeep123

    Have to totally agree with the honorable, JR. The 3-some have turned into their own Q-Zoo radio talk show and forgotten that they are supposed to be calling ‘the matches.’ Even JBL complained the other night about his peers not calling the matches, or even watching for that matter.

  • Ken Kuhlman

    well first the author is bogus he does not criticize the team he criticizes the WWE’s instructions to them. I totally agree with him. But hate that the author uses these tactics to get someone to read him.

  • Brian

    fast forward a button on my DVR that I use specifically when the announce team fails to keep me interested in a slow match, and it happens more often than not lately.

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