Jim Ross Confirms that He Was Released by WWE Executives Due to the Infamous “WWE 2K14 Panel Incident”


Jim Ross confirms that he was released by WWE executives due to the infamous “WWE 2K14 Panel incident.”  In an interview with The Masked Man, Ross reveals that the primary reason behind his release from World Wrestling Entertainment during the Summer of 2013 was due to his inability to control the progress and panelists (specifically an inebriated Ric Flair) featured during the now infamous WWE 2K14 Panel, which took place before August’s SummerSlam Pay-Per-View.

Ross claims that the event helped to push him out of the company, saying,

“I don’t think you have to be a Mensa member to figure out that it had an influence on decisions that were made. I was working with the developmental kids [in NXT] and enjoying that, and got called in for that job.

It was a very unique night, to say the least. Ric was coming off maybe the most traumatic time of his life. [Flair’s son had recently died of a drug overdose.] In hindsight, it might not have been the most timely booking, to get him in that environment. And then you can look at the other side and say maybe it’s a good thing to get him out around friends. As it worked out, you’d probably lean more to the former than the latter. But here’s the deal: I was conductor of a runaway train. I was supposed to keep it on the tracks and that didn’t happen. So I don’t have any issues taking responsibility. Did I envision that it would help facilitate my exit? No. But I could see the thinking behind it.

But honestly, people might not believe this, and I don’t want to give one of those eye-rollers, but it really came at a good time. My health is good, I just celebrated my 62nd birthday, I got a lot of projects going. I’m going to start a podcast soon with the same company that does Austin and Jericho. I’m excited about that. I got Live Nation working with me on one-man shows and, of course, we start out the way we want to start out, in New York City, Saturday, March 1, at the Gramercy Theater.”

Ross claims that the event did “help facilitate his exit,” but this was not the story that Ross was selling back in August of 2013. Initially, reported that Ross had retired from the company after a 30 year tenure. However, the rumors of Ross being forced out of the company due to the incident involving Flair and the WWE2K14 Panel instantly began to spread throughout the Internet Wrestling Community.

After five months of speculation, it seems as if the rumors are true. Ross was “asked” to retire and forced out of World Wrestling Entertainment, and did not do so on his own terms. You can read The Masked Man of Grantland’s complete interview with Jim Ross here.

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  • Score Radio Network

    Just a terrible move by WWE. 2K said they loved the panel.

    • Peace and Freedom Guy

      I don’t understand it either.

  • HurriOwl

    Not a surprise, but still disappointing to read.

  • Stormshadow

    Doesn’t matter not right to Jim the whole thing is the god damn game doesn’t even work

  • zaks

    Good luck Jim

  • LarryNC

    That is a damned shame. I never even heard of this WWE 2K14 panel incident. JR is an icon of this industry and in my opinion, deserves a great deal more respect than WWE is showing him. Good luck to you JR and thank you.

  • Herm

    I guess that JBL is a better friend of HHH

  • Mike Stover

    he will be working for fox

  • Gabe

    For it is Batista’s Time to run this play at WrestleMania as it is time for a new Champion

    • John

      Batista sucks, terrible promos, average worker. Looks like Pitbull on steroids and what’s up with the skinny jeans?? SMH if he headlines xxx.

    • Jim D

      Batista looked all of his 44 years of age. His chest looked flabby, arms not as big which is why he wore a long sleeve sweatshirt. Skinny Jeans were horrible! He won’t make a big impact at all!

  • Clint Myers

    Shame on the WWE! This is just wrong…..30 years and the ‘bum’s rush”! Shades of Bobby Bowden.

  • Ken Kuhlman

    Vince wanted him gone several times now he got away with it

  • JC Brioso

    F u wwe

  • John

    This one is up there with the burial of Dolph Ziggler. The panel wasn’t even that out of control, what do you expect from Naitch?

  • tombstone

    I liked Vince and never will.

  • scott preller

    so it was his fault Ric Flair was a drunk tool? Yet Flair still works there. What a douche move.

    • tommyboy44

      The WWE never seemed to respect him in real life either.

  • JohnnyWalker

    Then Why Is Flair Still There If He Was The Drunk That Couldn’t Control Himself????????

  • bummed1

    It wasn’t JR’s fault, but as in pro sports, they always fire the coaches first. It’s a shame cause it’s the players who screw up, and coaches are always to blame. Maybe if players and coaches could turn it around and fire the front office, then things would be a little different. BUT, alas, will never happen.

  • Luc Fox

    If you guys actually believe this hot garbage JR is spewing than you’re just as bad as the marks sitting in the front row saying lets go Cena!

  • Steve

    People gonna blame this on HHH too like everything else?

    JR is the best commentator of all time but he was only doing major PPVs any more so its not a huge loss.