Jeff Hardy Bringing Willow the Wisp Gimmick to TNA Wrestling -


Jeff Hardy Bringing Willow the Wisp Gimmick to TNA Wrestling


As first revealed first on the 2/13 edition of TNA IMPACT Wrestling, it appears that Jeff Hardy will be returning to the company under a gimmick he used before his days with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Willow the Wisp was a character Jeff portrayed on the independent circuit as a member of OMEGA (Organization of Modern Extreme Wrestling Arts), a promotion his brother Matt Hardy operated.

Here’s a look at the debut promo for the character from Thursday’s show.

Whether it be as Willow the Wisp or not, Jeff Hardy will be making his return to PPV at TNA Lockdown on March 9.

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  • Yousuf Mohammed

    Glad to see Jeff Hardy with new gimmick!

  • Aaron Stereorage Fowlow

    I really don’t mind this. I am intrigued and interested.

  • Andrew

    I’m gonna love Jeff’s new character

    • Thetruth

      you have downs syndrome

  • me

    jeffs never been good on the mic as himself, as a character he may excell. at least he wont shout out his creatures of the night, which is stupid and infantile. im gonna put it out there first…jeff hardy to return in a few months versus willow the wisp (with a body double) to “prove” hardy wasnt willow all along, even though he blatantly is.

    btw mat hardy in the first vignette for willow…jeff at one point lived in matts shadow? because matt is so fat? cos matt hardy has never been a good wrestler, he was carried by jeffs charisma all along, as was jeff to an extent. matt sucked on his own.

    • Eric Williams

      R u that dumb? Jeff tried the Willow act years ago in both WWE & WCW and it never worked out. He even tried in ECW and it flunked out. If Jeff is smart he will bring Willow out in another format, but I doubt Mr. Hardy is smart. I have faced him in several rings and yes he is making better $$$ than I am but it is always the same. If I can’t get what I want I will go back to what I know and bubba ain’t there to help me.

  • Thetruth

    this is a gimmick that should have been shut down by management and TNA wonders why they are in such a rut don’t expect this gimmick to last for long

  • Linzi Luna Marsden

    Just when i think jeff hardy couldn’t look like more of a penis. TNA what are you doing

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