Hulk Hogan is Backstage for Jan. 7 “Smackdown” Tapings


A reliable source of ours from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pa., which is home to the “WWE Main Event” and “WWE Smackdown” tapings for Jan. 7 has informed us that Hulk Hogan is backstage for the event.

As we previously reported, there have been rumblings of potential WrestleMania plans for Hogan due to the increasing confidence in the WWE signing him. Some plans that have been discussed include Hogan teaming with John Cena and Daniel Bryan along with another idea that has Hogan going up against “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

It is very unlikely that Hogan will be appearing for the “WWE Smackdown” tapings as WWE may prefer to announce his return ahead of time as they have done for superstars like Batista and The Undertaker in the past. A more plausible reason for Hogan being backstage is that he may be meeting with WWE officials in order to hammer out a contract in time for WrestleMania season.

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  • rustislov zminski

    and has said brother 450 times since he entered the building

    • EvaMarieRocks

      Whatcha gonna do Rustypants, when the largest arms in the world and Pukamania destroy you? RRRRRRR

  • Steele19

    Haha Hogan will not be in a Singles match ans i highly dought he will.he in any match because he probaly cant pass wwe’s physical maybe he will be a special guest give a big boot and leg drop.

    • EvaMarieRocks

      Wheelchair on a pole match maybe??

  • srsrox

    Nice background to a TNA picture lol

    • EvaMarieRocks

      Only a loser would mention the T organization. HA

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