Fandango Breaks Things Off With Summer Rae


During the post-WrestleMania edition of “Monday Night Raw” on April 7, Fandango and Summer Rae took on Santino Marella and Emma in a mixed tag-team matchup. Emma, a new addition to the main WWE roster, earned her team the victory rather quickly as she made Summer Rae tap to the “Emma Lock.”

On the following day, Tuesday, April 8, Fandango appeared to break it off with Summer Rae, tweeting the following:

Coincidentally, it was a year ago today in which the “Fandangoing” craze began. During the post-WrestleMania “Monday Night Raw” from 2013, the heavy European crowd created the brief Internet sensation, as they hummed Fandango’s theme music while pointing their index fingers up. “Fandangoing” even led to his theme music climbing the charts on iTunes, almost reaching number-one status at one point.

However, a year removed from defeating Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 29, Fandango has not achieved much greatness in WWE. Perhaps, similar to Bad News Barrett getting a revived push on April 7, the same will happen to Fandango down the road.

Editor’s Note

I do believe that this may very well lead to Fandango getting a renewed push. However, at the same time, I’m not sure the gimmick can achieve much in WWE. It will definitely be interesting to see if a split does indeed come out of this.

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  • Kevin Rivera

    I guess she mispronounced his name last night in the sack lol

  • A


  • Cal

    Just get rid of him already. Yawn.

  • UndauntedWizdom

    Can’t believe they skipped over Summer Raw and Naomi like they did for the Diva’s title.

    • John Garcia

      Paige deserves it. And she’s the only Diva people can take seriously enough to reinvest themselves in the faltering Divas division. It makes sense.

      • UndauntedWizdom

        I know she deserves it. But it really makes the others look really bad that they had to bring her up and automatically make her champ. If Naomi hadn’t been injured I think she’d have beaten AJ already.

        • urban

          Summer rae is garbage! Naomi is very talented yes she’s up there with Paige and Aj, Paige totally adds real credibility to the division though she is going to be one of the all time greats when its all said and done she is just that good Naomi will get a run in the future buts this is Paige’s era now she is the main player, and will instantly have as louder pops/crowd cheers, and chants, as the men! no diva around can create that, her time is now shes going to be right up there with the legendary Lita watch and see.

  • iamjohnnymcb

    Uhh it wasnt the european who made the fandangoing famous, it was actually the new jersey crowd

    • Wiggy

      Which was full of Europeans…

  • branden

    Fandango can’t wrestle. I don’t know why he even on the wwe roster. He pathetic I think summer rae should worry bout her career not him

  • George Hook

    Fandango had the Big Mo coming out of the last New Jersey show, but the WWE didn’t capitalize. But now there seems to have been some sort of shakeup in WWE creative that is seeing more of a push to elevate fan favorites, rather than sticking with tried and true formula characters. Not sure what happened with him and Summer Rae, though. Summer is one of the rare Divas with some character and spark, so hopefully this isn’t a speed bump in her career.

  • urban

    Fandango is boring the gimmick was funny at first now its way past its expiry date now like gone off milk! wwe creatives get rid of him the character is lame and boring you know it, he knows it, everybody knows it! let him work on another character repackage him at least it just isn’t going to work! email me for help ill gladly join in helping you guys out with a negotiable reasonable pay offer.