Details On Why Scott Hall is Being Inducted Into the WWE Hall of Fame as “Razor Ramon”


A new report from has provided some new details on why Scott Hall is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as “Razor Ramon” instead of his actual name. The report claims there are two main reasons the company is promoting Hall as “Razor Ramon” for the 2014 Hall of Fame.

One, Vince McMahon is very proud of the character, as it was one of the first heel characters to get over so well the fans started cheering for the “bad guy.” The company even referenced this in the promotional video shown for “Razor Ramon” during the March 24 edition of “Monday Night Raw.” The opening narration in the video claims that, “Before the Rattlesnake. Before D-X. Before the Rock. One man proved that it could be good, to be bad,” in reference to Hall’s “Bad Guy” character of Razor Ramon.

The second reason given to by their source is that the company is trying to save future names to induct into the WWE Hall of Fame. They feel like big, notable names will continue to be what sells tickets to the induction ceremony, which is a highlight of the “WrestleMania Weekend” experience for ticket-buying “extreme” fans. In order for WWE to continue to have marquee names for future classes of the Hall of Fame, they’re likely going to be inducting more gimmicks first, if a superstar had multiple gimmicks that made an impact on the business.

Razor Ramon will be inducted first, and it is expected that Hall will be inducted soon under his real name as part of either the Kliq, the Outsiders, or the nWo. WWE broke new ground inducting Ric Flair into the Hall of Fame twice, once as himself, then again with the Four Horsemen.

With Paul Bearer being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, we could easily see Percival Pringle III inducted in the future, as they’ve made no reference to Bill Moody every using the Percy Pringle gimmick on WWE TV. It seems that they’ve realized they may have to take short cuts such as inducting gimmicks to have enough names that will draw going forward into the future.

Hall will be inducted into the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame on April 5 in New Orleans, along side of Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Paul Bearer, Lita, Ultimate Warrior, Carlos Colón, and Mr. T. Inducting Hall is likely to be the “Wolfpac,” Kevin Nash and “X-Pac” Sean Waltman. Waltman has said in previous interviews that he will be in New Orleans on April 5 to induct his good friend Hall into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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  • Bill Pritchard

    . exactly why they need to start limiting the classes to three/four inductees per year. This class was already fine w/o Razor

  • Joe Omega

    #WWE stupid bullshit making their hall of fame look like worked gimmicked bullshit.stuff like this doesn’t help legitimacy

  • YouAreTheIWCMoron

    WWE is at fault for burning through names so quickly. Do we really need 6 inductees this year?

    • Sam

      They always have about 6 inductees; the difference is that 3 of the 6 wrestlers that are going in this year, could have headlined 3 separate hall of fame ceremonies instead of being jam packed into 1.

  • YouAreTheIWCMoron

    I’d say not to discount the idea that WWE is troubled to induct anyone with past & potential future demons.

  • Marq

    It’s not a ligitimate HOF without Macho Man

  • Jamo

    They should have put him in as Scott hall , and mentioned how he started the outsiders angle which lead to the NWO (Arguably the best faction of all time.) There’s no doubt about it, he deserves the induction. To quote the newest hall of famer “Bad times don’t last, bad guys do.”

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