Dean Ambrose Becomes Longest-Reigning United States Champion in WWE History

Dean Ambrose US Title

On April 28, Dean Ambrose became the longest-reigning United States Champion in WWE history. Though the longest-reinging United States Champion of all-time is Lex Luger, who held the title for 523 days while the title was still an NWA commodity, Ambrose has now surpassed former champion MVP as the man who has held the strap the longest since it has been in WWE.

Ambrose became the 77 man to hold US gold on May 19, 2013 during WWE’s “Extreme Rules” event. He then joins a fraternity of champions that includes Ric Flair, Rick Rude, Cesaro, MVP, Sting, Scott Hall, Goldberg, Lex Luger, Curt Hennig, and many more. April 28 marks the 344 day of Ambrose’s reign at United States Champion.

Editor’s Note: 
I still believe that Ambrose gets the title taken off of him very soon. I’d like to see it before May 4 and this year’s “Extreme Rules” event. It would make The Shield’s strife with Evolution more impactful if Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton some how figure out a way to take the strap off of him on “Monday Night Raw” or “Smackdown” prior to the event IMO.

  • http://twitter.com/RealSamRafferty Sam Rafferty

    Also longest run without a title defence? Seems like forever!!?

  • Ryan Rivel

    ambrose figured out the key to not losing a title! you just dont defend it.

  • http://twitter.com/TmaarcKrapf Terence Krapf

    worst us champ ever title is useless now

    • Jcstrickland

      Useless now? It’s been useless. At least it’s actually being held by a great wrestler.

      • Chaosfan

        Are you saying that santino’s reign wasn’t great..?!!

      • thundpimp

        Held by a great wrestler that doesn’t defend it, and hardly even carries it around with him.

        Should give the title to Alberto Del Rio. He would actually do something with it.

  • HiHola

    Soon hes going to be the longest reigning champion of the modern era

  • Rob

    He doesn’t defend the title so he is not a worthy champion just get rid of the belt

    • CM Vegeta

      What? You do know it’s not up to him whether he defends it or not, so saying he isn’t worthy is wrong.

  • Crazy a

    This is where wwe drops the ball… Their minor titles can be storylines within themselves….

  • Alex Mendoza

    He has defended the title in house shows just not on live TV… He has defended it once every 60 days.

  • http://twitter.com/Acer1337 Acer

    Congratulations to Dean, on becoming the longest reigning United States Champion. Too bad WWE did not cared for the US Title.

  • Afroi9

    I honestly forgot he was still us champion. I haven’t even heard of the championship in what seems like months

  • charlie

    I think he defended that belt maybe twice..and both times were against kofi Kingston. . Why does the still have this thing

  • Carolyn Dawson

    So that’s what that thing is that he keeps carrying around….. Forgot all about it since he never has to defend it.

  • NPS..

    That is because the WWE forgot about the title. Just like they forgot about the I.C. Title until now. Bad scripts all around. You can tell HHH is helping out his long lost friends…..

  • Jack

    I say get rid of the US title and bring back the Hardcore title. Those matches were great to watch.

  • DX soldier

    Uhm people… The wwe writers figure out when and where he defends it. If they can’t get a storyline. He don’t defend it. He’s a good wrestler without an individual storyline. Blame the writers.

  • carly

    He dose defend the title but at house shows get your facts straight before saying something