Daniel Bryan May Be Back into the WWE Championship Picture Soon


Daniel Bryan may be back into the WWE Championship picture soon. As we previously reported, Bryan was removed from the WWE title hunt in order to team with CM Punk in a program designed to help push The Wyatt Family. Now, according to DailyWrestlingNews.com, the WWE is second-guessing that decision.

According to this report, the WWE now wishes they had left Bryan in the WWE title chase leading up to the Survivor Series. Other reports say this is due to initial projections for the event being lower than expected. With the expectations of the event being lower than the company had hoped, some WWE officials are blaming the low buzz around the event on Bryan being taken out of the title picture.

Apparently, there is a feeling that Bryan, even with SummerSlam numbers being lower than the company had hoped for, helped some of the recent pay-per-view events by drawing the “smarter” fans that may not have purchased them otherwise commit to actually ordering them.