Daniel Bryan May Not Appear on WWE Television Until "Extreme Rules" -


Daniel Bryan May Not Appear on WWE Television Until “Extreme Rules”


A new report from PWInsider.com claims that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan may not appear on WWE television until “Extreme Rules.” The report claims that Bryan’s recent appearance on “Monday Night Raw,” in which he was brutally attacked by Kane came off so well, that if he needs to stay off of TV until May 4, he can.

As we previously reported, Bryan’s father recently passed away while Bryan and wife Brie Bella were on their honeymoon. After having just received that news, Bryan told WWE officials that he still wanted to appear on the April 21 edition of “Monday Night Raw,” at least to set up and angle with Kane for their match at “Extreme Rules.”

Kane would give Bryan three Tombstone Piledrivers and send Bryan out of the arena on a “stretcher” to a “nearby medical facility.” WWE creative used the attack to write Bryan off of programming for the time being so that he can spend time with his family during their difficult time of loss.

While Bryan could choose to come back to work as early as April 28, his absence would play up to his “underdog” character perfectly and WWE officials may keep him off TV just to make his appearance at “Extreme Rules” seem that much more rewarding.

Editor’s Note:
I said it on Wrestling Rumors Radio a couple of days ago. Bryan should be kept off TV until “Extreme Rules.” Give his ample amounts of time to spend with his family, and it plays up to the “Hero” vs “Monster” storyline. Bryan must overcome injury and disadvantages in height, weight, strength in order to defeat the Big Red Machine. Same theory is why the stretcher spot in the main event of WrestleMania XXX worked.

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  • Killa Kracker

    He should take time off to be with his family. They need him more than we do right now.

  • JC Brioso

    He can take all the time he needs. He is the top star, and has worked hard to be where he is right now. Obviously it’s a tough time for him and his family. This is a good time for him to be written off and fans will be excited when he returns at ER.

  • Matt

    I’m not a Bryan fan or a fan of the Yes Movement, but I feel for the guy. I recently lost one of my grandparents and it was really tough. I am a HUGE fan of Evolution and The Shield, as well as Kane! Not Corporate Kane! The REAL Kane! Stoked for Evolution vs Shield, Bray Wyatt vs Cena, and Kane vs Bryan! Hope WWE splits the World Titles soon. Let Bryan stay as the wwe champ and give the world title to someone else. If I were to put the WHC on anyone it’d be between Cena, Reigns, Cody, Swagger (face), Batista, Lesnar, Punk (IF he returns). My top choice would be Lesnar to bring back it’s prestige. Now I’m a huge hater towards Lesnar for beating The Streak, and Lesnar should eventually drop the belt to a fresh face. Namely Roman Reigns! Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns for the WHC would bd epic!

    • Jeremy

      If they split the titles I would say give Cesaro or Reigns the push

  • JWD77

    There’s one Raw between the last Raw and Extreme Rules. This wouldn’t be Bryan taking any extended time off, it would just be him missing one show. the question is, and only is, whether he works next Monday or not (and given his family concerns, plus the quick and brutal beating he got last week on Raw, I would not be surprised in the least if he didn’t appear).

  • Ken Kuhlman

    was hoping you meant he would be gone permanent like Puke

    • Lee

      your an arsehole for saying that, the guy just lost his father.

      • Ken Kuhlman

        one has nothing to do with the other I just wish he would leave the WWE period

    • LBB

      Why do you say that, Ken? No empathy that the guy just lost his father, or no respect for his tremendous work ethic?

      • Ken Kuhlman

        Has nothing to with his father just dont want the goatfaced midget in the WWE

  • Lee

    Despite the news, Bryan has insisted on performing for the WWE Universe tonight (April 21) and will be on Raw. WWE extends our deepest condolences to Bryan and his family.

    what a top guy and model professional this guy is.

    Respect Daniel Bryan!

  • Kevin

    He gets hurt so often on storyline. Out of the past 5 months at least 1/4 of the time he has had some sort of bandage on.

  • Dunlap Gabriel

    Let the rhetoric begin!

  • Zell Drake

    take the title off him then cause thats not fair

    • Rae

      …what’s not fair is that he lost his father and has people like you down playing his pain and loss. Have some respect.

      • Zell Drake

        look here its fucked up he lost his dad it sucks i lost mine ok but for him to take time off as champion is not right to the wwe

        • jkdeclaro

          He needs that time off bro. And its not like he’ll be out for a month anyway. Its already a smart part for WWE becuase it will help DB’s underdog storyline, plus he’ll get to be with his family at least for 1 week.

          • Zell Drake

            yeah thats true my point is the title but you have one too

          • jkdeclaro

            The title ain’t going nowhere dude. No need to worry about it.

          • Zell Drake


  • Jonathan Dominguez

    i agree is absence will help his underdog personality

  • Darren35

    I agree that Bryan needs the time off. I can understand how he wants to appease his fans. Bryan is a great worker and understandable he doesn’t want to be kept down and give assurance that Kane didn’t hurt him that badly, but this is going to benefit him eventually in helping him overcome Kane. It’s really tough and sad to lose somebody you love, but Bryan has his beautiful wife and I’m sure he has close friends in WWE. My only disappointment out of this is Stephanie is going to act like such a big shrew on TV. The apology is going to be so phonied up by her.

    I liked the pictures of Bryan and dad. Kudos to…Nikki, or Brie….that put them up. I’m thankful my dad is still alive.

    • patpad

      I loved my dad I lost him to rheumatoid arthritis when I was 10 years old. I ran away from home and was going to join john wayne and thje cowboys I would get me a daddy. but this strategy does not work in real life. my sympathy to Daniel bryan. may the likes of Stephanie m. get lost in a major sandstorm!!!

  • Wwe fan

    Ziggler took time off when he won the world heavyweight champion

    And look were ziggler is now

    As much as I hate to say it, It will happen to Bryan

    • jkdeclaro

      Ziggler suffered a legit concussion last year, and his de-push is becuase of his twitter rant against WWE. DB at least needs this time off so that he can be with his family. And DB will only just be out for 1 week. He’ll be back in time for ER.

  • nkosiyethu maunge

    may his father s soul rest in peace

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