Communication Between CM Punk and WWE Has Ceased


According to reports, communication between CM Punk and WWE has ceased. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims Punk, real name Phil Brooks, has shut off all communication with the company, including fellow executives and talent who have been close friends with Brooks in the past.

Brooks left the company just before “Monday Night Raw” went live on Jan. 27 and hasn’t been on WWE programming since. He also has remained silent on Twitter, even though he has been attending UFC bouts and hockey events.

Brooks was also a guest star featured on the popular AMC live “The Walking Dead” post-show, “Talking Dead,” which saw a significant increase in ratings via Punk’s involvement. The program was the first live form of media that Brooks was appearing on since his departure from WWE, which lead to the event being a “must-see” for WWE fans.

With his separation from the company shrouded in mystery, a great number of CM Punk fans tuned into the program to see if Brooks would make mention to his current situation with WWE. Aside from a few teases and subliminal facial expressions, Brooks said nothing about his relationship with WWE on the program.

Editor’s Note
Phil Brooks is DONE with WWE, and while the mystery behind this entire situation is still intriguing, I, for one, am simply tired of this subject. He’s gone, he opened the door for Bryan to be in the position he’s now in for WrestleMania, and the show must go on. Best of luck in your future endeavors Phil. See ya when you come back in a few years in skinny jeans and win the Royal Rumble.