Communication Between CM Punk and WWE Has Ceased -


Communication Between CM Punk and WWE Has Ceased


According to reports, communication between CM Punk and WWE has ceased. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims Punk, real name Phil Brooks, has shut off all communication with the company, including fellow executives and talent who have been close friends with Brooks in the past.

Brooks left the company just before “Monday Night Raw” went live on Jan. 27 and hasn’t been on WWE programming since. He also has remained silent on Twitter, even though he has been attending UFC bouts and hockey events.

Brooks was also a guest star featured on the popular AMC live “The Walking Dead” post-show, “Talking Dead,” which saw a significant increase in ratings via Punk’s involvement. The program was the first live form of media that Brooks was appearing on since his departure from WWE, which lead to the event being a “must-see” for WWE fans.

With his separation from the company shrouded in mystery, a great number of CM Punk fans tuned into the program to see if Brooks would make mention to his current situation with WWE. Aside from a few teases and subliminal facial expressions, Brooks said nothing about his relationship with WWE on the program.

Editor’s Note
Phil Brooks is DONE with WWE, and while the mystery behind this entire situation is still intriguing, I, for one, am simply tired of this subject. He’s gone, he opened the door for Bryan to be in the position he’s now in for WrestleMania, and the show must go on. Best of luck in your future endeavors Phil. See ya when you come back in a few years in skinny jeans and win the Royal Rumble. 

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  • Professor Emmink

    GOOD! Goodbye and stay the F**K out!

    • PunkImmortal

      Says the Cena fanboy

  • Score Radio Network

    I appreciated you’re editors note.

    • PunkImmortal

      Twas witty wasn’t it

  • Bad News Derms

    Does that include AJ?

    • Pati Rockwell

      Probably cos she’ll probably lose her PRECIOUS title at WM! If she tries to go against the ‘knock-outs’ over at TNA that’ll be close to a joke cos they’re damn good—a whole lot better than her!

    • Sandy L

      AJ’s cool

  • Becky

    was the editors note at the end really necessary?

    • Bobby BackShots

      Yea it was because it was so right and just because you love the look of Batistas ass in those skinny jeans does not mean we can not make fun of it

  • Adam

    this is a good thing, he needed a change and this will just make his inevitable return awesome

  • Killa Kracker

    Hell yes I love the ending lol in skinny jeans and rip the ass out attempting a shitty ass spear

  • Killa Kracker

    Batista can suck a Phill Brooks DICK you fuckin pussy ass whore bitch sluts!! Fuck yea come see me you pussy if you don’t like what I motherfucking said! You’re all a bunch of faggot ass bitch dikes!

    • honest

      Ur mad….. I think….bring it in for a hug…. its ok its ok hahaha

    • Bobby BackShots

      i think your mad because you miss seeing CM Punks ass in those tights

      • Mollyholly

        I know I am. He has a nice ASS that I would love to pinch. I would love to fuck in good and hard

    • i8sato

      Clever really clever

    • PunkImmortal

      Your message has been flagged…for not being pc

    • muckraker

      only one L in Phil

    • realshit

      Lol wouldn’t say that to Batista’s face

    • BIG DOG 101

      Somebody has a crush on Punk. Don’t worry killer, he’ll be on TNA before long.

    • rudedude916X4

      Killa kracker suck a dick and eat a bowl of balls

  • Vincentvega417

    Is killa kracker like 10 years old ? His lack of English and obsessive cussing making no sense at all points to him either being fucking retarted or in the neighborhood of 10 years old with obvious lack of parenting issues

    • Jimmy

      You shouldn’t comment on someone’s intelligence and then spell the word “retarded” wrong.

    • ldavis4968

      Vincentvega417, you should maybe get your own PhD in education or English Language before you criticize! I could tear apart your use of the English language, which includes misuse of punctuation and double negatives. Not only did you attack a person who may very well be 10 years old, but by using what I and most intellectuals would consider worse language, you have shown that you are no more than what you are mocking! There, now THAT’S how how you insult someone intelligently! That is all.

      • What?

        What you just did: that wasn’t a good insult at all. It was far too long, most of it was pointless, and you tried to big yourself up at the end. That’s like laughing at your own jokes. Maybe stop trying so hard next time. Using a thesaurus doesn’t make you sound smart.

    • Killa Kracker

      You’re RETARTED! Lmao

  • Mattman

    It’s all a work lol, idk we shall see no one can stay wwe even the ultimate warrior came back….3 times lol

  • Dominic Vincent

    It’s all bull CM Punk is way to popular to quit. Plus if you ask me he is going to make one the best comebacks. Look at how much loader than the Yes Movement the crowd got that night in Chicago. Plus if he quit the company would of said so on the web page. The WWE is teasing us you know how this shit works. This company is doing just like it said ending the Yes Movement with his return.

    • nate95

      Just because the company hasn’t said so on it’s page doesn’t mean anything really. CM Punk is still under contract with WWE. With the “talent” that punk has, they don’t want to release him of his contract in hopes he has a change of heart. His contract is up in either June or July, not sure which, and after that if he is still on the superstar roster then we know he resigned and its all a tease. But as for now it just means WWE thinks/hopes Punk has a change of heart.

      • Sandy L

        His contract ends July 17 at Midnight

  • CM Punk #1

    Hopefully CM Punk will return one day.

  • PunkImmortal

    We love you Punk! Haters can die please

    • nate95

      Personally Punk reminds me of CJ Parker on NXT

      • wah

        You have it backwards. Someone who came first can’t remind you of someone who came later.

  • Rocky

    I have a gut feeling he will make an impact return at wwe wrestlemania 30 main event and screw Daniel Bryan and hhh over???

  • calmer than you.

    If ur tired of the subject why did u write an article about it. Dumbass.

  • James H

    At least when Batista left he left on good terms and because he wanted to try mma and movies…CM Punk is literally being a Punk about this.

    • 567

      You sound like a butthurt little bitch, crying over someone else’s money.

  • Frank Barger

    If I didnt think batista was know with that whole belly button tattoo I do now..why did they really need to bring him back? He was boring as hell back then and my best memory of him was in the wheelchair crying like a bitch quitting. .that was awesome..but now he comes back and gets the main event at wm? I dont understand the whole logic in it

  • alma

    ok guys and gals—I repsect your opinions but do we really need all the curse words and smut talk—grow up and be adults for goodness sake. I would think those who run this comment section would keep things clean.

    • Zzzzzz

      Go fuck yourself, mark

  • Fred Stevens @TKeep123

    I was one of the few hoping he had left earlier. Let’s move on. Punk is no longer newsworthy.

  • Superman


  • Ken Kuhlman

    I will be thrilled if he never returns

  • Ricardo Simmons

    I feel the same way I’m tired of hearing and reading about Punk, he’s gone and this will give some much deserving guys like D. Brian and some other wrestlers a chance climb the ranks…………

  • fgemmint

    Punk will return for WrestleMania 30 at the end, to make it a great ending. This is all bs

  • CISH

    I’ve been holding together hope that this is all a work and Punk will be back, but even I have to admit that the chance of a CM Punk return is very slim at this point. I hope things turn around before his contract expires this Summer.

  • Randy Klitzka

    Oh well, Like this will make me cry forever and I will never sleep again, whatever. Punk is gone, now face it and STFU about it already! As for some of the comments below I have just read. It just seems to me that the I.Q. level of the fans is dropping by the day here on B/R. We’ll be down in the single digit ones soon enough. Then you can all just communicate with grunts and childish gestures.

  • l brooks

    killa kracker——easy girl

  • Razor Ramon

    Attention attention wrestling isn’t real!!!!!!!

  • Ant

    I hope he never comes back!! Most overrated wrestler I have ever seen!! He is & will always be the face of the “wack” ECW!!

  • Lawrence Ashford

    CM Punk needs to come back to WWE.

    • sandy

      the editor said cm puke will be back wearing skinny jeans. lol, lol wouldnt suprise me. he open the doors for the straight edge wrestlers like darren young and the ones who havent come out closets yet. hes suppose to be engaged to aj stupid. might be hiding behind a women like aj. never know people. but then again someone in that relationship has to work & bring in the money. puke quit his job and wwe wont beg him to come back. lol, lol

  • Trevor Daniles

    really tired of these idiot writers thinking Punk had anything to do with ratings of talking dead. The episode of walking dead was super impactful and I’m sure the fans wanted to stick around for the post show. Walking dead is the highest rated show on cable. Please check tonight’s ratings for their finale and see what the ratings are. Punk is nothing

  • alex

    Best in the world I will.miss him and bryan need him to beat the hell out of the game

  • Darren35

    I’m tired of this stuff with CM Punk. He’s gone, deal with it. TV shows lose iconic stars, like the lawyer on “The GOod Wife’ bought it, yet nobody is crying foul or vowing not to watch the show ever again! If CM Punk feels slighted because he was asked to do a match with Kane, then Triple H, then he is the child that took his ball and went home. Regardless of what Triple H may have done to CM Punk, to just walk away is an insult and these rumors are a joke. He is gone.

  • Frank steiner

    your guy are all sick

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